​How to Change Siri’s Search Engine (And Other Tricks)

​How to Change Siri’s Search Engine (And Other Tricks)
Introduced in 2011, Apple's digital assistant, Siri, has been the center of the iOS experience. With each iteration of iOS, Apple kept making changes and adding new features to Siri. Despite all the efforts made, the service quickly faded with the introduction of its competitor Google Assistant.

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One reason was Apple's decision to use Bing as Siri's default search engine. The company has changed its behavior for Google with an exclusive partnership with the search giant in 2020.

From now on, Siri default search, Spotlight search (iOS) and Safari browser are optimized by Google. And while the majority is doing well, this decision has left some people concerned about privacy. After all, it is not known that Google respects the privacy of users.

In this article, we will guide you in different ways to ask Siri questions using another search engine such as Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, etc. This article also lists some tips and tricks for using Siri as a pro. Let's dive in.

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3. Change Siri's voice and language

Siri supports various languages ​​and different vocal accents for the user to be comfortable with the virtual assistant. By default, it is set to American English.

You can change this by going to Settings> Siri and searching> Language or Siri Voice. It's a long list of supported languages ​​and no one should have trouble finding their native language.

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From the Siri voice, you can choose the preferable accent, such as Indian, Irish, American, British, etc. You can also change the sex of the Siri voice. My current setup is Indian Female for Siri.

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4. Delete Siri's history

Google Assistant downloads all records and data to the Google cloud. For Siri, the majority of artificial intelligence functions are performed on the device and a small sample of data is shared with Apple's servers.

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Earlier this year, it was found that Apple hired subcontractors to listen to a small percentage of Siri recordings to improve the reliability and accuracy of the wizard. Users have criticized Apple for not having specified it at the beginning.

Following the report, Apple announced a more transparent approach with iOS 13.2. With the recent update, users can now disable data collection and even delete the full Siri history.

You can go to Settings> Privacy> Analyzes and Enhancements and disable Disable Siri and Dictation from the menu. From now on, Apple will not share the data with its servers.

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To delete the Siri history, select Settings> Siri & Search> History Siri & Dictation and clear the data.

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Use Siri to its fullest

As you can see from the list above, Apple has taken a different route with the integration of Siri on the iPhone. The company offers enough customization options to customize Siri and enhance the end user experience.

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To date, he has found the perfect balance between privacy and automation. It will be interesting to see how Apple will progress with future iOS upgrades.

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