11 Best Animated Watch Faces for Samsung Galaxy Watch

11 Best Animated Watch Faces for Samsung Galaxy Watch

The watch faces on this list will work on most Samsung Galaxy watches that support live watch faces. However, we suggest that you check the description of the watch face to verify compatibility. The steps for installing an animated watch face are the same as for a normal watch face. Download it from the Galaxy Store and apply the one you want to use on your watch.

Let’s check out our collection of animated watch faces for Samsung Galaxy Watch.

1. Hahaha watch face

If you are looking for a fun watch face, the Hahaha watch face is one of the best choices. I bet you will smile after installing this watch face. In this watch face you have animated text ha ha ha at the bottom and one of the cartoon character’s hands acts as a second hand. Tap the time to change it between 12 and 24 hour format. Outside of the time, the watch face only displays the date.

Animated watch for Samsung Galaxy Watch 1

2. IWY Estonia

The dial of the IWY Viron watch shows the eyes with a flashing and gyroscopic effect. In other words, if you tilt your watch, the eyes will move in that direction. The watch face shows date, time, calories, steps, and battery percentage. The data at the top can be hidden by double tapping on the forehead of the face. Likewise, double-tap the eyes to change the expression of the eyes.

Animated watch face for Samsung Galaxy Watch 2

3. Winter and snow Viron animated

This dial shows an analog clock with an animated snow effect in the background. The face of the watch displays nothing other than the time and the background effect.

Animated watch face for Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

4. Neon Wave Animated

As the name suggests, this dial displays an incredible ripple effect with the analog clock. No other data is displayed, providing a clean look.

Animated face for Samsung Galaxy 4 watch

Animated face for Samsung Galaxy 5 watch

6. Color movement

In this watch face, you get an animated colorful shape in the center that keeps changing in size and shape. Apart from that, the watch face displays the date, time, battery percentage, and heart rate monitor. Unfortunately, the watch face offers very little customization.

Animated face for Samsung Galaxy 6 watch

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7. RotateClrWaves

As the name suggests, you get animated colorful waves in this dial. These continue to expand and rotate in the background. When it comes to data, you see both analog and digital clocks, full date, and battery percentage.

Double-tap each data to open the associated application, such as calendar, alarm, battery and weather. Also, you can change the color of the ring by double tapping between the hour markers.

Animated watch for Samsung Galaxy Watch 7

8. Flower_Gold

If you are looking for a minimal animated watch face, Flower gold might be right for you. Here you only get an analog clock with a pulsating flower in the background.

Animated watch for Samsung Galaxy Watch 8

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9. Fluid red gear face

This watch face offers eye-catching fluid animation that looks a bit like fire. Information displayed includes date, number of steps, heart rate, and battery percentage. You get other variations of this face in different colors like gold, yellow, lime, purple, etc.

Animated watch for Samsung Galaxy Watch 9

10. BSW Gold Motion

Are you looking for a hybrid and lively dial? BSW Gold Motion is here for you. Besides analog and digital clocks, you have the full date and battery percentage visible on this dial. Further. here you have two types of animation. First, the flowing animation in the center of the watch face, and second, the border ring also darkens as the seconds increase.

Animated watch for Samsung Galaxy Watch 10

11. Earth rotation by GM

Talk about being minimalist and the Earth Rotation watch face might be a good choice. With just the time in the center and our planet slowly pinning down, the watch face provides a calming experience every time you look at it.

Animated watch for Samsung Galaxy Watch 11

Note your battery

While animated watch faces may look cool, they tend to drain your Galaxy Watch’s battery. Try out the watch face you like and see if it’s battery efficient. If the watch face is straining your watch battery, you should only use it occasionally.

Last updated Jan 28, 2021

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