2 Best Ways to Check Answers in Google Forms

2 Best Ways to Check Answers in Google Forms

Creating a Google Form is pretty straightforward. However, the essence of Google Forms lies in the answers. Once you’ve created and shared a Google Form with other people, you should wait for responses. This is when the question is asked: “How do I know who answered my Google form?” Do not worry. It is quite easy to display the responses from the Google form. Here we are going to explain 2 ways to view the answers in Google Forms.

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See answers on Google forms in

You don’t need to create or edit anything in your existing form to view responses. However, a few precautions should be taken which are mentioned in the post.

Let’s start.

Note: This article will help the creator / editor of the form to visualize the responses received. It is not for students to verify the answers to their exam papers. However, to clarify things, we’ve also covered this.

How to find answers on Google forms using source code

If you were intending to cheat on your online article created using Google Forms, well, now isn’t your lucky day.

Show responses on Google Forms 1

You cannot see responses on Google Forms using the Inspect element or HTML source code. It might have worked earlier, but Google fixed the bug.

Now that it’s clear that you can’t cheat on Google Forms, let’s move on to our actual topic of viewing responses on Google Forms.

Note: The steps in the following methods are the same on mobile and PC.

Method 1: view responses in Google Forms

One of the easiest ways to display the responses received on your Google Forms is to use the Google Forms themselves.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Open your Google Form from Google Drive.

2nd step: Click / tap the Responses tab at the top.

View responses on Google Forms 2

Step 3: Here you will find three other tabs – Summary, Question, Individual.

The Summary tab, which opens by default, shows you a summary of responses using charts and graphs. This is very useful if you were doing a survey using Google Forms.

View responses on Google Forms 3

The Question tab displays user responses based on each question. You can navigate between the questions by using the arrows or by selecting the required question from the drop-down list.

Show responses on Google Forms 4

The most useful tab is the last one, that is, Individual. Here you will see all of an individual’s responses. Use the arrow keys to switch users or select the user from the drop-down list.

Show responses on Google Forms 5

Point: Add a question asking for the user’s name or email ID, or enable Collect Email ID in Google Form to identify the user. The steps for the same as shown in tip 1 below.

Method 2: view responses in Google Sheets

If you don’t like the way the responses are displayed using Method 1, there is a better way to view the responses. Basically, all responses submitted on your Google form are also saved in a spreadsheet.

To view this spreadsheet, open the required Google Form from Google Drive. Click on the Responses tab. You will find a Google Sheets icon at the top. Click on it.

Show responses on Google Forms 6

Show responses on Google Forms 7

Professional advice: Bookmark this spreadsheet link for quick access without opening your Google Form.

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Tip 1: Find the name of the person who answered

Typically, if your form does not contain a question to fill out the name or email ID, you won’t be able to identify the person who filled out the form. So you have two options. First, add a question asking users to fill in their name and email id.

You can also turn on the Collect Email ID option in the Google Forms settings. To do this, open the required form as creator or editor. Click the Settings icon at the top.

Show responses on Google Forms 8

The pop-up window that opens activates the checkbox next to Collect available email addresses on the General tab. Now Google will add a mandatory question to your form asking respondents to fill in their email id.

Show responses on Google Forms 9

Note: For existing forms that you’ve already shared with users without using two options, there’s not much you can do. If it’s still shared with fewer people, share it again by enabling one of the two options above.

Tip 2: Receive email notifications when someone fills out the form

For your convenience, you should enable email notifications for Google Forms. Basically every time someone fills out the form, you will receive an email for the same. This way, you don’t have to constantly open your Google Form or the associated spreadsheet to check the responses received.

To enable email notifications, open the Google form from Google Drive. Click / tap the Responses tab at the top.

View responses on Google Forms 2

Then click on the three dots icon under the Responses tab.

Show responses on Google Forms 10

Select “Receive email notifications for new responses”.

Show responses on Google Forms 11

Import questions

We hope the post has been helpful to you in finding the responses you received on your Google Forms. Meanwhile, when you create a form, you can import questions into it from another form or from Google Docs, Sheets, etc.


Tips and tricks make it easy for us. Check out 10 tips and tricks for Google Forms from the following link.

Last updated Jan 6, 2021

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