4 Best Ways to Put Sticky Notes on Desktop in Windows 10

4 Best Ways to Put Sticky Notes on Desktop in Windows 10

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Method 4: Add individual sticky notes to the desktop

The Sticky Notes app lists all the notes. You can pin individual Sticky Notes notes to any part of your desktop screen.

To do this, open the note by double-clicking it in the Notes list. When it opens, click once inside the note to activate it. You will notice that the top of the note shows a different color. When this happens, drag the note using the top edge to the desired destination on the desktop. The next time you open Sticky Notes, the note will be available in the specified location.

How to put a sticky note shortcut on desktop windows 11

Note: You can’t put sticky notes on other streaming apps.

Bonus: How to Automatically Open Sticky Notes on Startup

Unlike other apps, you don’t need to do much for Sticky Notes to open automatically on startup. The only requirement is not to close the Sticky Notes application when you turn off the computer. This trick also works for Skype where you don’t need to close the app if you want to open it automatically next time.

How to Use Sticky Notes: A Quick Tutorial

Click the add icon (+) in the sticky notes list to create a new note. Open multiple notes and easily switch between them. You can move the note as shown above and change its size by dragging it from the corners.

How to put a sticky note shortcut on desktop windows 12

You can even change the note color and use various keyboard shortcuts to control sticky notes. Format your notes using the formatting toolbar at the bottom of the note. If you accidentally delete a sticky note, learn how to recover deleted notes.


Don’t like sticky notes? Check out its 5 alternatives that you can use on your Windows 10 computer in the following article.

Last updated Sep 12, 2020

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