5 Best Screen Sharing Tools For Windows and Mac

5 Best Screen Sharing Tools For Windows and Mac

People are adapting to the new work of home practice. In addition to video chat and group calling software such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack and Skype, screen sharing software is one of the most popular tools. And why not? They make the discussion of the subject, the explanation of the features much better and save the administrator time.

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During office hours, you may need supervision or advice from the elderly, which is not available when you are working from home. You can always tune in screen sharing software on PC or Mac, share your current screen with older people, fix the workflow and get back to work.

In this article, we are going to talk about the five best screen sharing tools for PC and Mac. We will divide the message into two parts. Part will cover applications that offer screen sharing as an add-on as well as other features such as chat, group video calls, screen recording, etc. The other section will include software solutions specially designed for screen sharing. Let’s start.

Software with screen sharing add-on

1. Zoom

The zoom does not need to be presented. Video calling software experienced a huge increase in its use during the COVID-19 pandemic. Besides standard group video calling, the company also offers a host of features for smooth digital conferencing. Among them, screen sharing is probably one of the best features of Zoom.

During the call, you can press the share screen option at the bottom or use the keyboard shortcut Shift + Command + S on Mac or Ctrl + Shift + S on Windows to start screen sharing with participants.

Basic zoom

Screen sharing is divided into three parts: basic, advanced, and files. The basic menu allows you to share the current screen or minimized applications and allows you to use the Whiteboard function. The advanced section gives you the possibility to use the part of the screen to share. And the Files menu is integrated with OneDrive, Google Drive and Box. Users can open files from cloud storage and share them with participants on the screen.

Zoom on reader

During live screen sharing, you can see a toolbar that contains a few tools – mouse, selection, text, drawing, stamp, eraser, recording and more to better manage objects. In my experience, this is the best feature of Zoom screen sharing. It enriches the screen sharing experience. At any time, you can press the stop sharing button at the top to close the screen sharing windows.

Zoom annotate

2. Skype

Skype is the most mature and reliable solution for sharing the screen. The software solution is free and available on all possible platforms you can think of. Skype offers dozens of video / voice calling features, including group calling, background blurring, live translation, create polls, meet now, and more. The software also offers a screen sharing option during video calls.

Skype screen sharing

During video calls, you can tap the split screen option, and this gives you two options. You can either share the current screen or use the application window to share. Select it and press start sharing.

Skype sharing

You will see a red border around the screen, which indicates live screen sharing with the other person. You can move to the lower right corner and stop sharing or change the screen / window. Skype also allows you to start recording screen sharing.

I was surprised to see no OneDrive integration with Skype screen sharing. In addition, unlike Zoom, it does not offer any functionality to annotate on the screen.

3. Microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams is currently one of the hottest products. With a single product, Microsoft aims to replace Zoom, Slack and Skype for Business for organizations. The company offers users group video calls as well as an excellent screen sharing function.

There are two ways to use screen sharing on Microsoft Teams. From an individual chat, you can tap the share screen option in the upper right corner, and it will present the available screens from which to choose.

Team Shate

When you start the meeting from the channel, Microsoft Teams offers more options than ever for screen sharing. You can either use the current screens, use the PowerPoint add-on to open the slide for attendees, add files from OneDrive or a PC, or use the Microsoft whiteboard in settings.

The teams share the screen

When you select a screen, it will be represented by the red border around the windows. In the lower right corner, you can manage settings and even stop screen sharing with participants. I did not experience any delays when sharing screens in Microsoft Teams, something I have witnessed several times with Skype.

Dedicated screen sharing tools

1. Screenleap

Screenleap is specially designed for screen sharing capabilities. It is easy to use, requires no additional user downloads, is available on the web, and offers pricing flexibility.

Go to Screenleap on the web and create an account. The free plan is limited to 40 minutes per day. The service will provide a personalized web URL that participants can use to join the meeting.

Screenleap meet now

Tap the Meet Now option, select the screen in the next window, and start screen sharing. The software will create your room. You can view the split screen on the left side and the meeting ID with the number of viewers on the right side.


From the screen user interface, you can switch screens, open the webcam, suspend sharing and even use the chat function. I like the way the software integrated the chat function directly into the screen share. You can share comments live and participants can add comments and suggestions in the chat window.

Screen chat

2. TeamViewer

How can I finish the publication without mentioning TeamViewer? TeamViewer is one of the best software for sharing the screen and allowing others to access your system using the TeamViewer ID and password.

First, download the TeamViewer software from the web. It is available on all possible platforms, including Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Linux and even Raspberry Pi. Open the application and go to the Meeting tab in the application.

Presentation teamviewer

Go to Host Meeting> Presentation. It will open the floating menu on the side to allow you to control the screen for sharing with the meeting ID, lock, ability to add users, etc.

Team viewer meeting

You can also use video mode, which uses the PC or Mac webcam so that you can explain things better. TeamViewer allows you to use the Whiteboard function with a pen, pencil, brush to discuss the subject in detail. I use it all the time to help juniors get to know the logic of the code and discuss bugs in detail.

Video team viewer

Sharing the screen in style

Screen sharing is one of the most useful solutions for working and collaborating via video calls. This makes working from home a smooth experience. The tools mentioned also allow you to use the Whiteboard function to discuss the subject in detail. We’d love to hear about your screen sharing experience with these apps in the comments section below.


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Last updated on May 17, 2020

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