7 Best Media Players for Windows 10 [Free in 2020]

7 Best Media Players for Windows 10 [Free in 2020]

As for the media player, the choice becomes a bit difficult to choose the best one. Well this happens to me a lot and I’m not sure which media player should I go for. Nevertheless, the difficult period is now over as we have developed the list of 7 best media players for Windows 10.

Make sure to use the one that matches your options.

Best media players for Windows 10

Let’s go straight to the list of the best media players. Let’s go?

VLC Media Player

When it comes to the best media player for Windows 10, VLC Media steals the show. He is at the top of the rankings even without question. What do you think is the reason? Well, mainly because it is free software and is available to everyone.

The hand behind this massive popularity is the VideoLAN project. It comes with methods which include audio and video compression. It can play anytime in file format. VLC Media Player comes with no steps that involve any pain.

One of the biggest reasons people succumb to it is the frequent updates it gets itself.

Download here.


PotPlayer has been one of the best alternatives for media playback on this subject. The South Korean internet company called “Kakao” is the mastermind behind PotPlayer.

Moreover, it also comes with a lot of customizations which are sure to give a good experience to the users who are a part of it. So, if you want to silently ditch VLC media player, PotPlayer is for you.

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Download here.


KMPlayer is another best media player for Windows. It is completely free and is capable of playing all kinds of mainstream videos about it.

Users can openly trust it if they wish, as it is a great option to go for. Moreover, you also have the privilege of adding more codecs if you need them. It also supports 3D videos and a 4K streaming option.

With this option you also have the option to change the subtitles which is great. It is currently owned by Pandora TV in 2007.

Download here

Media Player Classic – Home Theater

The name of this player serves the purpose perfectly. It is definitely a classic to opt for. Plus, he’s one of the best media players to date.

Other than that, the sophisticated features that come with it are quite a spectacle in themselves. If you are still using your old computer, this drive will serve your purpose. It comes with some worthwhile DVD player software.

Download here.

GOM media player

Also known as Gretech Online Movie Player which is completely free to use media playback option for anyone. It is capable of providing audio and video support for all kinds of video file formats. In the end, that’s what we’re looking for, right? A platform that gives us everything. No more worries because GOM takes good care of it all.

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It also comes with its own library. We can use the library to download all kinds of subtitles and have fun watching and enjoying cinematic experience. Moreover, you can also choose your preferred language. The bonding facility is also superb.

Download here.

ACG player

With so many options available, it becomes a bit difficult to choose the best media player, doesn’t it? Why not add another one to your list of media players? ACG media player is more like a UWP player app that has a clean appearance. The media player also doesn’t take up much of your storage space.

It comes with a lot of features which include options providing external functionality like audio and video effects. Besides, it also provides options like using artistic font subtitles, gesture control, background music, etc.

Download here


I have been using this media player for so long now and have to say it is a good option when it comes to media players. It was known as XBMC and is open source software for download. You can also customize the media player as per your choice.

It is certainly a great alternative to all other media players. It is capable of playing all kinds of video and audio formats and makes it one of the best choices. The success of Kodi is the Xbox Media Center.

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Moreover, it also comes with lots of plugins like Netflix, Youtube, etc.

Download here.

Best Media Players for Windows 10 PC

Well, now that you know the names of most of them, you can go take your pick. Here is the gist of what follows.

  1. VLC Media Player
  2. PotPlayer
  3. KMP reader
  4. Classic media player
  5. GOM media player
  6. ACG player
  7. Coded


Well, these were the best media players for Windows 10 you could get your hands on. We all literally rely on media players to watch movies, our favorite TV shows and whatnot! Hence, getting the media player that does its job in a fantastic way is really important, isn’t it?

We made the payment for you. So be sure to use the one that matches your needs and expectations.

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