7 Best Ways to Fix Google Chrome Keeps Crashing on Android

7 Best Ways to Fix Google Chrome Keeps Crashing on Android

Many believe that the popularity of Google Chrome on Android is due to the fact that it is preloaded by default. So you can imagine how many millions of users are using Chrome for their browsing activities. However, if Chrome stops working or crashes randomly, would you consider switching to a new browser? Well, you shouldn’t. You can still fix Google Chrome crashes on Android with the solutions in this article.

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When you open Chrome browser on Android and get “ Unfortunately, Chrome has stopped ” error on the device, it can be annoying. Of course, the easiest way is to try Google Chrome alternatives like Microsoft Edge or Firefox from the Play Store. But if you want to stick with Chrome, read on to fix Chrome crashing issue on Android.

1. Restart your phone

The first and most basic thing you can do to resolve the issue is restart your device. Restarting your device clears some of the temporary files and fixes many major issues on your device, giving your device and Chrome a fresh start. Also, many modern Android phones with the Android version have been modified to provide longer battery life compared to functionality.

It’s not a quick fix, but it’s the easiest option available today.

Step 1: Just click and hold the power button to the right of the device for a few seconds.

2nd step: You will get a pop-up screen with different options.

Step 3: Now click on the “Reboot” option.

Your device will restart now. You may need to hold this button for three to five seconds before the device turns back on. After your device is turned on, now check once whether the error message you were encountering is resolved or not. Otherwise, go to the next solution.

2. Close irrelevant tabs

Almost every user has a habit of opening too many tabs simultaneously for their daily work. But sometimes the routine can put you in danger because you can end up opening too many tabs at once and start getting an error message.

Close Chrome tabs

Leaving all tabs open will slow down your phone’s performance as Chrome might consume most of the device’s RAM. Therefore, to resolve this situation, just close unnecessary tabs, exit the app and relaunch it.

3. Reset cache data

Chrome Cache may be causing an error message, so you should work on it. Some files can get corrupted which creates issues so it is important to clear Chrome browser data and cache.

Follow the steps below and stop Chrome crashing on Android.

Step 1: Go to Settings> Applications> Download> Google Chrome.

2nd step: Click on Google Chrome and you can see two options: Clear Storage and Clear Cache.

Empty the cache

Step 3: Firstly, tap on Clear Data to clear all stored data from the browser and then click on Clear Cache to delete the cache files.

Now is the time to see if the same error message reappears.

4. Unload background apps

Many phones offer versions of Android with system-level optimizations that detect resource-intensive apps running in the background and shut them down. However, some third-party skins reverse this behavior and allow apps to run in the background for a true multitasking experience. While this is nice, it will eventually consume more memory and make your phone seem sluggish.

Remove apps

So when you open or use Chrome browser, it may crash or become unresponsive. You need to open the multitasking menu on the device and close unnecessary apps from the list.

5. Disable Google Chrome

You can reinstall the Google Chrome app to fix bugs and browser issues.

Step 1: Go to Settings> Applications> Download

2nd step: Find the Chrome app and click on it. After that, tap on Disable and hit the OK button.

Disable chrome

Step 3: After deactivation, now is the time to install it again.

Step 4: Go to Google Play Store> search tab, type Google Chrome.

Step 5: Then install the latest update for Chrome and use it.

Hopefully now the Chrome browser will not throw any error message.

6. Apply system updates

Google Chrome keeps crashing on your device may be due to incompatibility between the latest version of the app and your phone running an older version of Android on the phone. You can download and install the latest system updates including security patches on your phone.

Update Android

Open the Settings app and update your phone to the latest version of Android.

7. Try the Chrome alternatives

If none of the above solutions work, you should ditch Google Chrome in favor of another browser like Microsoft Edge, Brave, Opera, Firefox or Samsung Internet from the Play Store.

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Google Chrome crash on Android is a headache because it is an integral part of the operating system. Follow the steps above and fix Chrome crashing issue on Android. Which trick worked for you? Sound off in the comments section below.

Last updated Jan 20, 2021

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