8 Best Garageband Alternative Apps for Android in 2020

8 Best Garageband Alternative Apps for Android in 2020

What is GarageBand?

GarageBand is a range of digital audio workstations for macOS and iOS devices that allows users to create music or podcasts. GarageBand is developed and sold by Apple for macOS and is part of the iLife software suite. Its music and podcast creation system allows users to create multiple tracks with pre-defined MIDI keyboards, pre-made loops, a range of various instrumental effects and voice recordings.


Prior to the launch of the Apple Mac App Store, GarageBand was only available as part of iLife, a suite of applications (also including iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD and iWeb) to simplify the creation and organization of digital content, or available on a new Mac. On January 6, 2011, GarageBand was made available independently on the Mac App Store in addition to iPhoto and iMovie.[18] Since then, the Garageband user base has grown considerably.

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Since GarageBand is exclusively available for iOS and MacOS devices, Android developers provide great alternative apps to GarageBand for music lovers.

So Android users, don’t worry! You can still make music, be creative and unleash those talents.

We have scanned the market for some of the best free apps like GarageBand for you. They are all highly rated on Google Play with exceptional user reviews. Enjoy!


  1. Walking band by Revontulet Soft Inc.

Walk Band is an Editor’s Choice app with a 4.3 star rating on Google Play and over 50 million downloads. It is currently one of the best Android equivalent to GarageBand you can find on the market. Backed by excellent user ratings.


  • Musical instruments:
  • Piano keyboard
  • Solo guitar and chords mode
  • Solo mode and bass guitar chords
  • Pad mode and drum kit
  • Beat machine, Beats Pad Mode
  • Support for midi USB peripheral keyboard
  • Multitrack synthesizer (mixer)
  • Recording and editing midi tracks
  • Recording and editing of voice tracks
  • Editing the Piano Roll mode
  • Midi to mp3 conversion

Installation is free with in-app purchases.

Download them here: Walking band

  1. Song Maker by Brain Vault

Song Maker is a free music creator and mixer. You can record your own voice and incorporate it into the sounds you make. Rated 4.3 stars on Google Play, it’s a good alternative for GarageBand. It offers the following sound categories and loop samples: bass, guitar, trap and Future Bass One Shot, trap loops, hip hop, metal guitar loops, One Shot metal guitar, drums and bass, kick , clapperboard, piano, piano loops and a song creator to compose music


  • Thousands of free sounds, rhythms and loops ready to use in unlimited combinations
  • compose all times on different tracks in a single melody
  • Music library with bass, hip hop, trap and Future Bass, metal, drums and special DJ #beats
  • Music demo projects: Metal Demo, HipHop, Trap & Future Bass Marshmello style demo project
  • Listen to the track while recording your voice for a new jam session
  • Record your melody and let your friends listen to it
  • Music editor for sounds and loops

Installation is free with in-app purchases.

Download here: Song maker

  1. Remixlive by MixVibes

Remixlive is an essential application for instant remixing, winner of the “Most innovative applications” award. It has good sound quality with a simple interface which facilitates navigation.


  • Launch the loops in perfect synchronization.
  • Finger drum in real time.
  • Shape the sound with 6 live controllable FX + 6 beat repeat pads.
  • Import songs from your library.
  • Ableton Link: play in synchronization with any application compatible with Link or Ableton Live.
  • Advanced sample editing: ADSR, Transpose & Reverse.
  • Pad recording: capture sounds via the device’s microphone.

Installation is free with in-app purchases.

Download them here: Remixlive

  1. Music Maker JAM from JAM Just Add Music GmbH

You can choose from thousands of studio quality audio loops, some for free and others that you can purchase in the app. You’ll love exploring music and your talent with this app that has a 4.6 star rating on Google Play!


  • Remix the store’s FREE / premium audio loops.
  • Add vocals to your song in addition to studio-quality rhythms.
  • Buy FREE virtual currency to buy even more earrings.
  • Apply FREE / pro FX and harmony effects to your rhythms.
  • Record your own song and instantly share it with fans.
  • Download samples from several genres like: trap, hip hop, RnB, house, EDM, techno and more!

Installation is free with in-app purchases.

Download them here: Music Maker JAM

  1. Splash by Popgun Labs

Splash is a lightweight all-in-one beat maker and drum pad that makes recording and music easier! It is 100% ad-free (which is rare) so users love it! This 4.7 star app for musicians is definitely a must!


  • Royalty free music! Whether you want to show your music to friends and family, upload it to Spotify, or create a song for your YouTube channel, Splash gives you the freedom to take control of your music. After all, you have succeeded!
  • 100% free, without ads! Spend more time creating and less time waiting.
  • New sound packs added every week – with new packs added every week, never run out of inspiration.
  • An extensive music library of over 60 FREE sound packs from popular music genres such as Hip-Hop, R&B, EDM, Dubstep, Trap, House, Trance, Drum & Bass and more!
  • Free customizable DJ effects, including Filter, Flanger, Delay and Reverb to add another layer to your track.
  • Record your music, personalize the illustrations in your album and share them with your friends, family and the world!
  • Prototype new song ideas in seconds. Splash is the all-in-one music creator and music composition tool.

Installation is 100% free!

Download them here: Splash

  1. BandLab – Music recording studio and social network by BandLab

BandLab is a great application for making music on your smartphone. The interface is clean and very user-friendly, which makes it easy to record and overlay in different times and loops.


  • 12-track mix editor
  • Over 100 presets for voice / guitar / bass
  • Looper
  • Creation kits
  • Over 100 virtual MIDI instruments
  • Explore – get inspired by new artists, genres and collections selected especially for you
  • Creator Connect – Team up with like-minded artists around the corner or on the other side of the world!
  • Mastering – Download your song or recording and let our built-in equalizer work its magic
  • Tuner and metronome
  • Remix Tracks

Installation is 100% free!

Download them here: BandLab

  1. Groovepad by EasyBrain

Probably one of the easiest music creation apps on the list. The app lets you choose the rhythm of your favorite genre so you know where to start, then add different effects, hit the pads, experiment and create real music. Highly rated on Google Play!


  • A complete library of unique and quirky soundtracks
  • Use Live Loops to create top-notch music that lets you tailor all sounds perfectly
  • Amazing FX effects such as filter, flanger, reverb and delay

Installation is free with in-app purchases.

Download them here: Groovepad

  1. MixPads by Creative Music DJ Apps & Games

Mixpad is a great alternative for GarageBand. It has a high quality of sound samples and is very easy to use. You can create music, make remixes, record and mix even more!


  • 30 drum pads with original musical loops. It consists of leads, bass, drums, voice, percussion and various audio effects
  • 12 creative one shot sound pads for mixing in your tracks and creating beat. Choose melodies or rhythms, you can also use them to play the finger
  • 9 studio-quality PRO DJ sound effects: Delay, Reverb, Flanger, Low Pass, High Pass, BandPass, Notch, Low Shelf, High Shelf Filters
  • Opposite effect.
  • Different sample packs (Trap, Shadow Hop, Big Room, Tech Me, T House, Drill Trap, Dirty El, Deep and etc.) with professional quality
  • Load your own music or samples
  • Auto play mode
  • Flexible Launchpad audio mixer for precise sound control and mixing
  • Unlimited registration
  • Record your voice, then use it in your music.
  • Database of a wide variety of sound packs and different music styles
  • BPM and Pitch controls
  • Sharing function
  • Adjust the volume for each sound column
  • Practical bright colors of the dj mixing pads for better navigation in the application
  • Supports all screen resolutions and all devices
  • Supports popular audio formats (mp3, wav, ogg, etc.) for your dj set
  • Free full version of DJ mixer

Installation is free with in-app purchases.

Download them here: MixPads

Is there an ios garageband apk for android?

Good question. In fact, although it is not advised as it comes from an unknown source and not from Google Play, many users have claimed that it works. So we tried it ourselves.

Here are the steps:

Step 1

Open your browser and go to InjectBox.com

2nd step

Scroll down and find the GarageBand app and click on it

Stage 3

You will see an “Android” button in the middle of the page, click on it and allow the file to be downloaded from unknown sources

Step 4

Open the downloaded file and install it.

Step 5

Now that the app is installed, the developers have incorporated some sort of security measures to keep bots away. Just follow the instructions and download their free apps. It’s a very easy and simple step. And voila! You now have GarageBand on your phone.

Let us know if you’ve tried these apps. Some are pretty good that it’s so hard to choose! With impressive presets and incredible audio quality, these apps are a great alternative for GarageBand. Let us know if you’ve also tried the GarageBand app on your Android device.

We had so much fun trying them all out. I hope you too!

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