8 Best Ways to Fix Google Meet Lag During Presentation

8 Best Ways to Fix Google Meet Lag During Presentation

Fixed lag when presenting google meet

Keep in mind that the steps below will not eliminate the lag during a presentation. These tips will help you reduce the lag and provide a better experience on Google Meet. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Use Google Chrome

As we mentioned earlier, Google services are rated higher on Google products. For example, Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides offline mode is only available on Google Chrome and no other browser.

Likewise, you should opt for the Chrome browser when using Google Meet. You will see a better user experience with the Chrome browser than Firefox, Edge, or Safari.

2. Use a high-speed internet connection

Google Meet requires a fast internet connection, especially when sharing a screen or presenting a video call.

Broadband internet connection

Broadband internet connection

You need to connect your computer to a 5 GHz Wi-Fi frequency for higher bandwidth usage and speeds.

3. Pause other background activities

If you are downloading large files or streaming 4K videos in the background, you need to pause or close them. Make sure Google Meet has the highest bandwidth available for video calls.

If YouTube or any other service consumes most of the internet bandwidth, you will notice a lag when presenting Google Meet. So get into the habit of suspending unnecessary background activities.

4. Close background applications

This applies to laptops / PCs with low amount of RAM. Unlike iOS or Android, Windows is not designed to suspend the background activities of open apps. Instead, you have to manually shut them down and free up some RAM for your main task.

Also, Google Chrome is infamous for its excessive use of RAM in the background. So make sure to completely close all unnecessary apps on your PC and then dial the Google Meet call.

Disable tasks

Disable tasks

You can also use Windows Task Manager and take a look at all running background tasks. Identify them and tap the end task at the bottom.

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5. Reduce the display resolution

Are you trying to use a 4K monitor or laptop with a 4K screen to make Google Meet calls? In this case, Google Meet will try to render everything in 4K resolution during the presentation. This can cause a lag when sharing Google Meet screensharing.

You need to lower the display resolution and then turn on screen sharing during calls. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Open the Settings app in Windows (use Windows + I keys).

2nd step: Go to the System section, then select the View menu.

Lower display resolution

Lower display resolution

Step 3: Select Display Resolution from the Scale & Layout menu and select a lower resolution.

Open Google Chrome and try to present during Google Meet. You should see a drastic reduction in the lag.

6. Update display and GPU drivers

If the display and GPU drivers are out of date on your computer, you might experience a significant delay during Google Meet presentations. You need to update the display and GPU drivers from the Device Manager menu. Here’s how.

Step 1: Press the Windows key and search for Device Manager.

2nd step: Press Enter and open the Device Manager menu.

Step 3: Expand the Graphics Cards menu. Right click on Intel HD Graphics and update it to the latest version.

Click on display adapters

Click on display adapters

Step 4: Find your GPU drivers in the same menu and update them to the latest version.

Update drivers

Update drivers

Restart your PC and try giving presentations through Google Meet.

7. Avoid using wallpapers

Google Meet offers wallpaper features to help you hide the messy room behind you. When using wallpapers, the system uses resources to crop your face and body from the background.

If possible, don’t try to use wallpapers in the Google Meet presentation. This will save CPU resources for a better experience during calls.

8. Update Google Chrome

Maybe the Google Meet presentation lag is not related to Google Meet or some other factor. The outdated version of Google Chrome browser could be the main reason for the lag. You need to update Google Chrome from Settings> About page.

Update google chrome

Update google chrome

Deliver a flawless Google Meet presentation

Google Meet remains the number one choice for normal consumers. It’s free and easy to use. However, the delay during the presentation could spoil the meeting for you. Keep the above suggestions in mind before you start a Google Meet presentation and impress your coworkers or bosses.

Last updated on Sep 11, 2021

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