9 Best Telegram Bots for Groups You Should Try

9 Best Telegram Bots for Groups You Should Try

Telegram bots help make groups more interactive and interesting. You can also use bots to search and retrieve information from all kinds of sources without ever leaving the chat. Just use the @botname command to invoke the bot. Of course, that sounds like mentioning someone. Let’s take a look at how to add bots and use them in Telegram.

How to add bots and how to use them

Telegram defines bots as Telegram accounts managed by software. They were designed to find, recall, broadcast, and even give commands. You can interact with these bots using specific commands. You may have seen or interacted with bots on other platforms like Discord and Facebook Messenger.

There are two types of bots in Telegram. The one that works online means you can use them right in Telegram groups without leaving or returning to the chat window. The other type of bots requires you to interact with them in a separate chat window, more like you are chatting with a user one-on-one.

We will only share bots online and clearly mention them otherwise. Some bots are designed to help administrators manage groups. These bots need to be added to a Telegram group before you can interact with them, but they work online.

Telegram Bots for Groups 35

So how do you add a bot then? There is no need to add any online bots, but some may work differently from others. You can invoke them by typing @botname. For example, @vid will call the YouTube bot in a group. You can then search for videos using keywords like “@vid keyword” in the text box.

Adding a bot to a group is pretty straightforward.

Step 1: Simply search for the robot using the Telegram search function. Type the bot name correctly, as there may be duplicates trying to spam you.

Telegram Bots for 21 groups

Telegram Bots for Groups 22

2nd step: Tap on the bot’s name, then from the three-dot menu icon, select the “ Add to group ” option.

Telegram Bots for Groups 23

Telegram Bots for Groups 24

Step 3: Select the group you want to add the bot to and you’re done.

Telegram Bots for Groups 25

Let’s take a look at some useful Telegram bots for spicing up conversations and managing groups well.

1. @GIF

GIFs make Telegram conversations more fun and you don’t even have to leave the chat window to look for the right ones. Tenor has created a Telegram group bot called @gif that you can quickly summon at any time. Enter the bot name and do a quick search using keywords.

Best Telegram Robots for 14 Groups

Best Telegram Robots for 15 Groups

Everyone loves cat GIFs, so here are a few for you. Surprisingly, the search results loaded quite quickly and we didn’t experience any lag when using the GIF bot.

2. @combot

It is the Telegram group bot that will help you manage your group effectively. You must first add it to a group. It offers a suite of tools to manage large communities. You can fight spam, automatically delete unwanted content or messages, collect and share interesting statistics, and even drive user engagement by upgrading users to contribute to the group.

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They have regional prices, but it will cost you $ 6 per month after 200 members in the US.

3. @spotybot

Because we love to listen to songs on Spotify, everyone in the group can search for songs or artists directly within a Telegram group. It comes back with a 30 second audio clip to help you feel your mood with a link to the full song on Spotify.

Best telegram robots for groups 4

Best Telegram Robots for 5 Groups

Also shares a link to the original cover art which is pretty cool.

4. @drwebbot

Many members use Telegram groups to share files of all kinds like pictures, GIFs and sometimes even documents. It also depends on the purpose of the group. It is easy to share virus riddled files even without knowing it. @drwebbot will automatically scan files and links once configured, so you don’t have to. Again, you need to add this bot to the group before it can work its magic in the background.

Best Telegram Robots for Groups 7

This will prevent members of your group from clicking on suspicious links.

5. @skeddybot

Skeddy is a reminder robot that will help you set reminders in natural language. You can use it as a personal reminder system, but also within a group (must be added separately). Let’s say you have a travel party and you are planning a trip. Each member can be assigned a task that he / she must do and which he / she must remember.

Best Telegram Robots for 6 Groups

There are other ways to use this Telegram bot like reminders for upcoming events.

6. @vote

Can’t decide what to wear or where to go? Create a quick poll and have everyone vote on the options using the @vote bot. You can also allow participants to select multiple responses if the circumstances dictate.

Best telegram robots for 8 groups

Best Telegram Robots for 9 Groups

Voting can be done anonymously if the issue is of a rather controversial nature. It’s a fun and easy way to express your opinions without the fear of being judged.

7. @vid

Want to share a YouTube video? The video bot will help you find videos on the fly in the group chat window. Selecting the video from the list will instantly share it to the group with a link to the YouTube app and a large preview.

Top 10 Telegram Robots for Groups

Best Telegram Robots for 11 Groups

You will notice that @drwebbot scans the link for a virus but fails due to lack of access to the content in the screenshot above. I guess it’s a YouTube link.

8. @gamebot

As the name suggests, you will be able to choose between a few classic games like Lumberjack using this bot. Just choose a game, then add it to the party to play with friends in real time.

Best Telegram Robots for 12 Groups

Best telegram robots for 13 groups

The games are designed to be light because Telegram has its limitations, and you can’t expect to have the same experience as on a dedicated mobile gaming app.

9. @storebot

Telegram has a bot store that you can search. Think of her as the mother of all robots to help put your feet in the water. This means that you can find and discover other bots and allow people to enjoy them without complicating matters.

Best telegram robots for groups 1

Best telegram robots for groups 2

You can search for other bots using this one and open them in a separate discussion to learn more about their use.

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There are so many other bots for Telegram groups and you can keep exploring them. These are some of the best and will get you up and running in no time. A healthy variety of Telegram group bots to effectively manage members while keeping things interesting and fun at the same time. Did we miss a bot? Share a list of your favorite bots in the comments below that you use as a group.

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