9 Best Ways to Fix Apple Maps Not Working on iPhone Error

9 Best Ways to Fix Apple Maps Not Working on iPhone Error

Let’s take a look at all the possible solutions to the problem so you can get back to where you were headed. In the meantime, we suggest you use an alternative like Google Maps if you are stuck or in a hurry.

1. Restart the application or the iPhone

More often than not, simply restarting the Apple Maps app or restarting your iPhone would resolve the issue. We recommend that you try this even if it seems too basic. There is no way to clear app cache or data like we do in Android smartphones. So this is the only way.

2. Turn off Wi-Fi

If you connect to a Wi-Fi network, it may not work or be too slow to load Maps. It’s time to switch to cellular data. Open Control Center to quickly turn off Wi-Fi and make sure the cellular data icon is turned on.

3. Activate cellular data for cards

You have activated cellular data and your plan is active and has sufficient bandwidth. However, the cellular option must be enabled for individual apps in settings. Maybe it’s disabled for Apple Maps?

Open Settings> Cellular and toggle Apple Maps if it isn’t already.

Fix Apple Cards Not Working on Phone i Error 1

Fix Apple Cards Not Working on Phone i Error 2

4. Check the coverage

Open Signal is a great app to check if there is enough mobile network coverage in your area. Maybe your network provider is missing or has low speed and is facing connectivity issues. By using Open Signal, you can trace the mobile network in your area and move to a place where there is a better signal. It will plot the locations of cell towers on a map that you can easily follow.

5. Activate the location service for maps

We just saw how we need to activate cellular service individually for apps like Maps. The same goes for GPS. You need to enable it along with a few other options to allow Maps to do its job.

Open Settings> Privacy> Location services> Maps and you will see three options. You must select When using the application.

Fix Apple Cards Not Working on Phone i Error 3

Fix Apple Cards Not Working on Phone i Error 4

We’ve also turned on precise location for maps, as it gives better and more accurate results for your current location.

To note: Turning GPS off and then back on can also help kick-start things in the Maps app. It is worth a try. Wait a few moments before activating it from the control center.

6. Turn off Bluetooth

Bluetooth can be unreliable at times, especially when you need it most to function. Turn off Bluetooth if you use it to connect to external GPS devices like Fitbit or even your car’s GPS unit. Although it is not necessary, we recommend that you relaunch the Apple Maps app once.

7. Storage issues

You should only pay attention to this if the Apple Maps app is crashing. What happens is that the app will suddenly stop working because there is no more space left to write data and crashes. The Maps app will close and you will be returned to the Home screen. Add to the fact that Apple charges a premium for additional storage. Many users switch to lower storage models to save money.

Fix Apple Cards Not Working on Phone i Error 7

Fix Apple Cards Not Working on Phone i Error 8

You can check the storage under Settings> General> iPhone Storage. You will see the total remaining storage space with an app breakdown of each app installed on the iPhone. Another way to free up space is to upload some of the files to iCloud or Google Photos.

8. Reset network settings

IPhone users facing network related issues should try to reset network settings on iPhone. It has nothing to do with your apps and data, and you can always back up to iCloud if you’re worried.

Open Settings> General> Reset and select Reset network settings.

Fix Apple Cards Not Working on Phone i Error 9

Fix Apple Cards Not Working on Phone i Error 10

You will be asked to enter the password for security reasons. Follow the instructions on the screen. Note that you will need to reconnect to your Wi-Fi network and re-enter the password, so make sure you have it with you.

9. Reset location and privacy settings

The same logic applies here as in the previous point. Resetting the location and privacy settings can help fix common mistakes with apps that depend on GPS to do their jobs. Go back to the same screen as the previous step, but this time select the Reset location and privacy option.

Fix Apple Cards Not Working on Phone i Error 11

Note that every GPS app you have installed on your iPhone will ask you for permission again. Tap Allow when the pop-up window appears. This should when you launch the Apple Maps app.

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