A Guide to Changing Chat Theme Color in Facebook Messenger

In addition to a new logo, Facebook recently introduced several new features for Facebook Messenger. These include disappear mode, personalized emoji reactions, selfie stickers, and the ability to change the color of the chat theme. Want to change the theme color in Messenger chats? Find out how in this article.

Change the color of Messenger theme to

Facebook Messenger offers two types of themes: dark / light mode and chat themes. The first applies to the entire Messenger interface, including all chats. And the latter is limited to individual discussions. Chat topics change the background color of the conversation, as well as the color of the chat bubbles.

Let’s see how to change theme color for Facebook Messenger on Android, iPhone and PC. We also explained how to change the messenger theme color to normal.

What to know about Messenger chat themes

  • Anyone participating in the chat can change the Messenger theme. And the same will be reflected for all participants.
  • When a topic is changed, the same will be mentioned in the chat to notify chat participants.
  • It is not possible to change Messenger chat themes for all messages.
  • Chat themes only apply to individual chats. So if you want to apply the same theme to multiple chats or to all posts, you will have to repeat the steps individually for all chats.
  • The dark or light theme will be applied to the entire Messenger interface.

Here are the steps to change the theme color in Messenger on PC and then on mobile.

How to change Messenger theme color on PC

Launch the desktop app or the Messenger website. Open the chat whose theme color you want to change. Click the icon (i) at the top. A sidebar will open. Click Change Theme.

Change the color of the Messenger 1a theme

Click on any color to change the cat’s color. Click the items in the first row to change the background as well. You might not see the background on the PC. But if you open the Messenger app on mobile, you will see a new background for your chat.

Change the color of Messenger 2 theme

How to change Messenger theme color on Android, iPhone and iPad

To get started, you need to launch the Messenger app and open the chat. Tap the person’s name at the top. You can even tap the (i) icon at the top. Tap Theme on the next screen.

Change the color of Messenger 5 theme

Change the color of Messenger 6 theme

Select the theme or gradient color you want on the screen that appears.

Change the color of Messenger 7 theme

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What happens when you change the Messenger theme

Changing the theme doesn’t mean anything as such. It just changes the aesthetic of the cat and gives it a new look. As soon as you click or tap on the new theme color, the same will be changed for all chat participants. Each participant will see a notification message in the chat indicating that XYZ has changed the chat theme.

Change the color of Messenger 4 theme

How to change the default or classic Messenger theme on PC and mobile

If you don’t like the new colors or if someone else changed the Messenger theme, you can go back to the classic theme.

To do this, click on the Change theme in the right sidebar of Messenger on PC. When the color picker appears, click on the blue color to return the Messenger theme to normal.

Change the color of Messenger 3 theme

Likewise, on mobile, tap the participant’s name in the discussion thread. Tap Themes. Then tap the blue color. This will revert any theme applied to the default or classic Messenger theme.

Change the color of Messenger 6 theme

Change the color of Messenger 8 theme

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How to switch between light and dark modes on Facebook Messenger

Whether you are an iOS / iPadOS or Android user, the Facebook Messenger app supports dark mode on all.

Change the color of Messenger 9 theme

To switch to dark mode, open the Messenger app on your phone or tablet. Tap the profile picture icon at the top. You will be redirected to Messenger settings. On Android, turn on the toggle next to dark mode. To return to light mode, turn off the toggle.

Change the color of Messenger 10 theme

Change the color of Messenger 11 theme

On iPhone and iPad, tap Dark mode. You will see three options – Light, Dark, and System. Select Dark Mode to turn it on or choose Light to toggle it from Dark Mode. If you want Messenger to apply the dark or light theme according to your phone’s dark mode schedule, you need to choose System. So, whenever you activate dark mode on your device, Messenger will automatically switch to dark mode.

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Troubleshoot: Messenger chat themes not working

If you don’t have the themes on your Messenger yet, you need to update the Facebook Messenger app. If that doesn’t solve the problem, uninstall the app and reinstall it. Check out our explanation of what happens when you uninstall Facebook Messenger.

Once you get the themes option, restart your phone or PC to fix other themes related issues.


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Last updated on Nov 16, 2020

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