A Guide to Fixing Apple Music Not Working on Android

The Apple Music app was exclusive to iOS users until 2015. After that, Apple opened it up to the entire Android ecosystem. However, just like iOS, some Android users also experience issues and errors while using Apple Music. Some of these errors are generic, while others are specific to Android users only.

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Fixed Apple Music not working. Selected image of Android

Research shows that these issues are often caused by system issues, network complications, and sometimes application-specific bugs. Fortunately, they are easily repairable. If you are having difficulty using Apple Music on your Android smartphone, refer to the solutions listed in this guide to resolve the issues.

1. Update Apple Music

Whatever problem you are having with Apple Music on your Android smartphone, the first thing that we recommend that you check is that you are using the latest version. Updates to the app introduce new features and also fix bugs that prevent Apple Music from performing optimally.

2. Force stop Apple Music

Force shutting down an application is a viable method to repair a faulty application. If Apple Music is up to date, but the app is still crashing or not working at all, you need to force quit the app. Follow the steps below to force stop Apple Music on your Android smartphone.

Step 1: Open the Android Settings menu and select “Apps & Notifications”.

Fix Apple music not working android

2nd step: Then tap on “See all apps”.

Fix Apple Music not working Android 01

Step 3: Select Apple Music.

Fix Apple Music not working Android 02

Step 4: On the app’s info page, select Force Stop.

Fix Apple music not working Android 03

Step 5: Tap OK on the confirmation prompt and it will stop the app.

Fix Apple Music not working Android 04

Launch Apple Music again and check if the app is now working properly. If the problem persists, let’s check the following fix.

3. Restart the phone

If force shutting down Apple Music does not give any positive results and the problem persists, restart your phone. This will refresh your phone’s operating system and purge any system (corrupt or damaged) or temporary files that are causing Apple Music to malfunction.

Just press and hold the Power / Lock button on your phone for 3-5 seconds, then tap Restart.

Fix Apple Music not working Android 05

Open Apple Music when your phone turns back on and check if the app is now working properly.

4. Update the Android operating system

In addition to updating the app, you should also check the compatibility of your device with the Apple Music app. According to Apple, you need an Android device running Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system or newer to use the Apple Music app. If your smartphone is based on Android v4.4 Kitkat operating system or earlier, updating your device’s operating system is the best way to get Apple Music running smoothly.

Go to Settings> System> System Update to update the operating system of your Android smartphone.

Fix Apple Music not working Android 06

Fix Apple Music not working Android 07

5. Clear Apple Music cache

If the Apple Music app on your Android device crashes intermittently, clearing the app’s cache may help resolve the issue. Users whose Apple Music is not playing songs or loading their music library, clearing app cache, have restored the app to normal. You should try this and check if Apple Music is now working on your device.

Open the information page of the Apple Music app (Settings> Apps & notifications> All apps> Apple Music) and select the “Storage and cache” option. Next, tap on the Clear Cache button to clear the app cache data from your device.

Fix Apple Music not working Android 08

Fix Apple Music not working Android 09

6. Check network connectivity

Some issues with the Apple Music app can sometimes be due to basic issues like poor network connectivity. For example, if the downloaded tracks are not playing on your Apple Music, the problem is probably network related.

To resolve this issue, turn on cellular data or Wi-Fi and verify that your device has internet access. Check out our guide to troubleshoot issues preventing Apple Music from playing downloaded songs.

Fixed Apple music not working on Android image

Also, if Apple Music (or other apps) on your Android smartphone only works with Wi-Fi and not cellular data, refer to the solutions in this guide to resolve the issue. And if your device’s cellular data is the issue (eg, limited / poor connectivity issues), learn how to optimize mobile data connection on Android.

7. Erase Apple Music Data

As evidenced by some users who have experienced issues with Apple Music not working or not playing songs (downloaded or not) on their Android smartphone, wiping app data is an effective solution. However, you should note that you will have to set up the Apple Music app from scratch and you may lose downloaded / offline music and other relevant data.

To clear Apple Music data, long press the app icon on the homepage or in the app bar and tap the info icon (i).

Fix Apple Music not working Android 10

This will redirect you to the Apple Music information page. Next, select “Storage & Cache” and tap on the Clear Storage icon.

Fix Apple Music not working Android 11

Fix Apple Music not working Android 12

Launch the app after that and check if all the features are working as they should.


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Last updated on Jul 23, 2020

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