5 Best Marvel Games for Android In 2020

Marvel Comics was founded in 1939, a year after the world saw Superman. It's not uncommon to love Marvel lately, but the road has not been easy for society. Not just among comics fans, but Marvel has made a name for being perhaps the most profitable movie franchise. If you are a fan of Marvel […]

5 Best High FPS Android Games (90fps and 120fps)

It is best to play 90fps and 120fps games on smartphones with a 90Hz or 120Hz display. When Razer introduced his gaming smartphone with a 120 Hz display, it was a first for a smartphone. Since then, we've seen some gaming smartphones with screens that support high refresh rates. However, the OnePlus 7 Pro was […]

5 Best Survival Games for Android

There is nothing that can be compared to the rush you get when you play a good survival game. The adrenaline rush, the element of surprise and urgency are just some of the factors that make survival Games one of the best genres around. Today, we present you the top 5 survival games for Android […]

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