4 Best VPN Apps for Android Smart TV

Buying a Smart TV or a streaming stick is a tricky business. You can access your favorite TV shows and stream content from apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime. And the voice assistant function is the icing on the cake. Do you need to open Netflix? Just say the command. But it has certain limits. […]

9 Applications to Make Students’ Lives Easier

If every day you feel like a Groundhog Day character and don’t have the time to follow the conference, we know how to make your life easier. Stop moving to find university essays for sale, because you still don’t have time to write them down. Look for a list of apps that will make your […]

10 Top Educational Apps for Students

Every day is a lesson. Sometimes the material we get from the university is not enough and we have to look for additional sources of information. We have selected the ten most interesting educational applications: from linguistics to anatomy, from mathematics to astronomy. We are even ready to advise you on a application to write […]

6 Best Android Photo Editing Apps to Change Image Backgrounds

Photo buffs should already know that the background of an image is quite important as a subject. For example, the bokeh of a portrait is not impressive if it is not taken against a contrasting frame. As far as scenic frames are concerned, the foreground is generally overlooked. These are the best scenarios. What happens […]

How to Edit and Change Background in PicsArt for Android

When it comes to photography, things rarely happen the way we want. You are waiting to capture the perfect frame and just by clicking on the shutter, you will see someone enter the frame. And it’s only 0.001% of the things that can go wrong. Tree branches with glass reflections, you name it. So what […]

Best Android Apps Outside Google Play in 2020

Every Android user knows the Google Play Store. It is the largest app store that offers a huge range of the best Android apps including learning apps, games, language learning and cooking, etc. In addition, Google Play Store is considered the number one app store for all countries, except those like China, where Google does […]

Free Image Resizing Apps

Technological improvements in smartphone devices mean that it is now possible to capture incredibly beautiful detailed photos. While it allows you to capture the glorious moments you want to cherish your whole life, the detail means the image is large. This is a major drawback since some applications such as social media sites have image […]

What are the best Android WiFi analyzer apps?

Broadband internet is not cheap. Of course, you want to get the most out of what you paid for. But why do Netflix and Youtube always stamp so often? What is wrong with my device? Or is my ISP picking me up? An Android WiFi analyzer is what you might need. As the name suggests, […]

5 Best Apps to Create Polls on iOS and Android

Visiting people personally to gather details about their use or perception of a particular product or industry using pen and paper has long been forgotten. The practice took time, was not secure and required too much manual input to get the desired result. Now, organizations are opting for dedicated survey applications to collect information from […]

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