10 Best Games to Play with Friends on Android

Any game can be a fun game if you have friends to enjoy. Here are 10 best games to play with your friends on Android and create memories. Video games are fun, multiplayer video games are twice as much fun, multiplayer games with your friends are 4 times more fun. It’s simple in math, I […]

5 Best Local Multiplayer Games for Android

Video games are fun, but they are more fun with other players. That’s why multiplayer games are so popular. However, some games are even more fun with your friends who live near you or who may be your roommates. Nothing beats the satisfaction of beating them and being the local champion. It’s also a great […]

Top 5 Farming Games for Android to Play

There are dozens and dozens of farming games on Android. And most of these games resemble and even have the same playing style. This makes it difficult to choose which farming game to download. To help you save time, we've put together the best farming games for Android you need to play. These games are […]

10 Best Strategy Games for Android in 2020

Strategy games have been a bit underrated compared to more popular game genres such as action or adventure. But strategy is a very important part of any game and that is what makes it fun. Consider an action game where you can just shoot people left and right against an action game where you have […]

5 Best Hunting Games for Android for the Hunter in You

Hunting is probably the oldest known sport of humanity. Of course, it was not really a sport at the time, but some are now considering it. You may hate it, you may like it, but it does not seem like it will stop soon. If you do not want to chase sentient beings, but like […]

5 Best Fighting Games for Android to Play on The Go

The fighting games were very popular even before everyone had a personal video game at home. They continue to be popular even now. The injustice of DC: The gods among us have proven that they can still win excellent AAA titles on PCs and consoles. One of the most interesting things about fighting games is […]

Download These Paid Games for Free This Thanksgiving

The Google Play Store regularly arranges sales on a ton of paid apps. Many of these paid Android apps are even free for 7 days, while some sales last only a day or two. These sales also include paid games and, during Thanksgiving, many free and paid games are available for free on the Play […]

Top 5 Pool Games for Android You Must Try

There are dozens and dozens of billiard games on Android. Most of these games are filled with ads and are endowed with a premium pay system. However, to avoid a bad billiard game experience, we tried dozens of pool games. And we have selected only the 5 best billiard games for Android that you have […]

5 Best Tower Defense Games for Android

Last week, I shared a list of the best war games for Android, but this time around, we're going to check out some great tower defense games that are also testing your strategic skills. If you are unfamiliar, tower defense games involve building, upgrading, different types of towers along a path. Your goal is to […]

10 Best Call Of Duty Alternatives (Mobile)

Looking for Call Of Duty alternatives on your mobile? In case you do not know, Call of Duty is already available on Android devices. But if you've tried it and you're not a fan, you may fall in love with some of these best Call Of Duty alternatives. Try these 10 games and you will […]

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