Call of Duty: Mobile Zombie Mode Tips

call of duty zombie mode tips

Call of Duty: Mobile has recently received an update bringing the expected Zombie mode. To help you win every round, we've created a list of the best tips you need to know in Zombie mode. By using these tips, you will be able to survive longer and even take the lead.

Before you get advice on Call of Duty: Mobile Zombie Mode, check out the Call of Duty Mobile tips and tricks you need to know. Now, without wasting more time, let's take a look at these cool Zombie Mode tips for Call of Duty: Mobile.

Always rebuild the barriers

It's one of those zombie tips that we must not forget. Most players can ignore it and focus more on killing zombies. However, setting barriers at entry points would give you ample time to recover your health and refuel with ammunition. So, you would not have to commit right away with the zombies. And your team would benefit as well.

Choose the right weapon

Having an automatic rifle is the best solution in Zombies mode. AR guns cause much more damage than guns or machine guns. So, always choose to use an automatic rifle to get the best chance of survival. In zombie mode, the AR rifle you choose to use does not matter, as long as you continue to shoot down the zombies. In addition, the shotgun is not very useful after the first waves. So we suggest you give up the rifle if you buy it during the first waves of zombies. Nevertheless, my favorite weapon in Zombie mode is BK 57.

It's one of the most powerful and most effective automatic rifles against the zombie boss. You can pick him up among the guns of the Zombie Boss Arena.

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Use the scrum

There is a condition to that. However, the melee is extremely useful, especially in the first two waves of zombies. It helps you save a little ammo and is great for killing zombies near you. The more ammo you save, the better weapons you can use later in the game. The melee also deals some damage, so you can eliminate more zombies early in the game.

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Use the Buff Machines

Zombie Buff Machine Tips

You could completely forget to use the Buff Machines when you engage with zombies. But it's something on which you should spend your Zombie points. The Buff Machines gives you access to some 'performance / tactical' boosters. This includes the ability to inflict more damage and even escape zombies faster. You can only equip 3 buffs. So choose wisely your buffs and do not forget to improve them. You can maximize buffs at level 5, so collect Zombie points and make sure to increase buffs.

Avoid holding corners

Holding a corner to kill the zombies could walk for the first 2 rounds. However, this would prove to be a bad strategy later in the game. Being stuck with a bunch of zombies around you would surely knock you over. So, the best thing to do is to change positions every few seconds. This would not give zombies a chance to surround you from all sides and it's a Zombie mode tip you need to remember.

Aim the boss's head

Zombie Boss Head

Among all the tips in zombie mode, this one is the most useful because it would help you to kill the final boss in normal Raid mode. When the monster opens its gigantic mouth, it is the ideal place to shoot. Each hit you connect to the monster's head or face inflicts more than double the damage. Aim for the head at every opportunity. In addition, it is always wise to stay as far away from Boss Zombie. Especially that it is much faster than you.

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Use traps

There are several traps in the game that you can use to kill zombies. When you scan the map while trying to kill zombies, you will notice some red boxes. These red boxes are activators for the traps. Of course, you would need to save a Zombie Points to use these traps. Our favorite trap is the huge spiked log that completely annihilates the zombies.

The key to using the traps is to carefully draw all the zombies and activate the trap at the right time. You must absolutely use the traps to kill the zombies during the last stages of the game. Especially when you play in Survival mode since the zombies at higher stages have insane health. Therefore, using the trap will help you kill more than a dozen zombies if programmed correctly.

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Use Perk-a-Cola machines

Zombie fashion tips Perk A Cola

Call of Duty: Mobile's Perk-a-Cola machines are present in some places on the map. The first is located in the departure room, behind the stairs that go down. From there, you can get the quick review benefit that allows you to almost instantly see your teammates. And if you play solo, you can also see you faster with this advantage.

These are the few other benefits you can get with Perk-a-Cola machines. The purchase of Perk-a-Cola machine benefits is a good tip to remember for Zombie mode.

Beaten down: As its name indicates, the advantage improves your accuracy by focusing the goal aid on the zombies' heads. Thus, you would be able to kill zombies much faster if you try to position your reticle at the level of the head. In addition, this advantage would also target your melee attack to the face / head of the zombie.

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Type twice: This advantage simply increases the rate of fire of all weapons. This is extremely useful in the final stages of the game because you will be able to do more damage in a short time.

Double Tap 2.0: Well, this is an upgrade from Double Tap's usual double advantage. It greatly increases the rate of fire and inflicts more damage to the zombies.

Cherry electric: The electric cherry is another extremely useful benefit. This creates an electric shock wave around you when reloading your weapon. This shock stuns nearby zombies, leaving you plenty of time to complete the reload.

Juggernog: This benefit increases your maximum health from 100 to 250, so you can resist zombie attacks for longer.

These are the few crucial tips in zombie mode that you need to know to survive the longest time and even inflict the most damage. What advice did you find most useful? Let us know in the comments below. Also, feel free to give us your own Call of Duty tips: Mobile Zombie Mode.

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