AMD or NVIDIA Graphics Card not detected on Windows 10

A graphics card is a piece of computer hardware that displays the image you see on your computer screen. This is a great way to establish the connection between the monitor and the computer. However, sometimes you may experience problems with AMD or NVIDIA graphics driver. At these times, your Windows 10 system does not […]

NVIDIA Display settings are not available in Windows 10

When it comes to selecting a GPU or graphics card for our system, the first option we choose is NVIDIA. It is popular because of its functionality and support. Now if you are using a system with a NVIDIA GPU, you may encounter errors. Today we will see how to resolve the error NVIDIA display […]

Free Driver Backup and Restore software for Windows 10

Device drivers are the best known of all when it comes to Windows upgrades. If the OEM fails to deploy a compatible version of the driver, it ends in all kinds of problems. Sometimes OEMs delete the old version, and unless you have a copy, nothing can be done. So the best strategy is to […]

NV Updater will keep NVIDIA Graphic Card Driver updated on Windows 10

It is very important to keep the drivers up to date for the proper functioning of your programs. Do you want to update the driver for your Nvidia GeForce graphics card? You can try NV Updater program. This free utility allows you to update your driver for your Geforce graphics cards without having to create […]

Fix ASUS Smart Gesture not working on Windows 10

ASUS Smart Gesture is an intelligent touchpad driver that helps you control more precise gestures, including tapping, scrolling, dragging, clicking, and more. Some PC users after Windows 10 update may notice that ASUS Smart Gesture no longer works. In this article, we will provide the possible solution to solve this problem. ASUS Smart Gesture does […]

NVIDIA Installer cannot continue on Windows 10

Some users may experience the NVIDIA installer cannot continue problem with NVIDIA graphics drivers as they perform a clean installation of Windows 10. In today’s release, we will identify the cause of this error and then provide a possible solution to the problem. NVIDIA installer cannot continue The following error message appears on the screen […]

Cant print documents. Printer Driver is unavailable in Windows 10

Printer drivers may be known. I remember having a lot of problems with them during my college studies, and even now when I have several printers at home. One of the common problems we have cited in the forums is that where consumers have been unable to print documents. The error appeared in the Windows […]

Failed to parse setup.xml – Intel Software Installer error

If you have downloaded a newer version of an Intel driver and are trying to install it on your Windows 10 system in order to update the driver, the Intel software installer generates an error message Unable to parse setup.xml, this post may be able to guide you. Intel Software Installer – Unable to parse […]

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