How to view Photos as a Slideshow on Windows 10

Do you have hundreds or thousands of photos in multiple folders on your Windows 10 computer? Gone are the days when you had to press the space key and the up and down keys to browse photos. When it comes to browsing the different images stored on your system, it is best to view them […]

What is the Windows Feature Experience Pack in Windows 10?

If you are a long time Windows user, especially since the days of Windows XP and Windows 7, the name Windows Experience Pack may sound familiar. Announced in 2010, it allowed you to create a theme, apply a static image to Live Messenger, etc. It was about customizing the user interface. So why are we […]

How to generate an SSH key in Windows 10

In this guide, we will see a simple method to generate a SSH key on Windows 10. SSH or Protective cover is a cryptographic network protocol that creates a secure tunnel over the insecure network so that your data can be transferred between the server and the clients in encrypted form. For example, suppose I […]

What is this $WinREAgent folder I see on C Drive?

Do you see a $ WinREAgent folder on your C drive? And maybe asking me what it is for. Well, such folders with the sign “Dollar” $ indicate that the folder is hidden and they are used to create during the installation phase and continue for a limited period of time. What is the $ […]

Windows 10 v2004 May 2020 Update New Features

The next update for Windows 10 v 2004 is now available using Release Preview. But for most users, it would be a good idea to install the update when it is offered to you via Windows Update. In this article, we will look at the new features that will be deployed in Windows 10 Update […]

Performance Scrolling improvements in Microsoft Edge browser

Scrolling is one of the most used features on all browsers, and Microsoft is deploying scrolling improvements in Edge. The main objective is to improve the scrolling speed and the reactivity. If you’ve ever thought that scrolling in Edge isn’t as good as it works with other parts of Windows, this improvement could change that. […]

What is Audit Mode in Windows 10? How to boot into or out of Audit Mode?

Have you ever wondered how OEMs deploy the Windows 10 operating system with their own set of apps and drivers? Or how does the recovery partition help you reinstall everything as if the computer were brand new? It is possible because of a particular mode of Windows 10 called Audit mode. Audio mode allows OEMs […]

How to use @mention to tag someone in Office 365 apps comments for feedback

If you are not aware, Microsoft Office applications like Word, PowerPoint, Excel have been updated with very useful functionality, @mention. The functionality was primarily designed to solve problems that at first seem insignificant but gradually add up later. Here is a short tutorial explaining how to use the @mention feature and how to do it […]

Amazing Windows 10 Accessibility Features for Differently abled

Like most large technology companies, Microsoft also has a mission to make its products more and more accessible to everyone, including users with special needs. In recent years Microsoft has added a lot of accessibility features, currently it has an assortment of built-in accessibility features, making it one of the accessibility systems most practical operations […]

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