5 Best Local Multiplayer Games for Android

Video games are fun, but they are more fun with other players. That’s why multiplayer games are so popular. However, some games are even more fun with your friends who live near you or who may be your roommates. Nothing beats the satisfaction of beating them and being the local champion. It’s also a great […]

7 Best Retro Games for Android You should try out today!

787,898! Do you remember that cheat code that we all applied to one of the most popular games of the pre-Android generation? This code made the ball of the rebound game unbreakable. I'm sure hell has used this a lot and know that this tip earlier was something you can brag about. Nowadays, even though […]

5 Best Tower Defense Games for Android

Last week, I shared a list of the best war games for Android, but this time around, we're going to check out some great tower defense games that are also testing your strategic skills. If you are unfamiliar, tower defense games involve building, upgrading, different types of towers along a path. Your goal is to […]

Dungeons & Zombies: An Amazingly Addictive Puzzle Game

Thousands of games are available on the Google Play Store. However, not all games are worth your time. If you are a puzzle-solving enthusiast, we have come up with a game that you must try. Dungeons & Zombies is a free puzzle game that will make you hooked in no time. Relaxing games of reflection […]

5 Best War Games for Android in 2020

War is not a game, but war games are very popular on PC and consoles for a long time. Call of Duty is a popular example. With the advent of Android, smartphones have also played a lot of games. Call of Duty is also available on Android and many other war games. Here are some […]

5 Best High FPS Android Games (90fps and 120fps)

It is best to play 90fps and 120fps games on smartphones with a 90Hz or 120Hz display. When Razer introduced his gaming smartphone with a 120 Hz display, it was a first for a smartphone. Since then, we've seen some gaming smartphones with screens that support high refresh rates. However, the OnePlus 7 Pro was […]

5 Best Survival Games for Android

There is nothing that can be compared to the rush you get when you play a good survival game. The adrenaline rush, the element of surprise and urgency are just some of the factors that make survival Games one of the best genres around. Today, we present you the top 5 survival games for Android […]

5 Best Endless Running Games for Android

Mobile games are generally not taken as seriously as on consoles or PCs. However, the platform has certainly brought new possibilities. Something like Pokemon Go would not really be possible with a PC or a console, for example. Then there is the category of endless racing games that are so popular on Android and other […]

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