Easy way to fix Xbox Error code 0x803F900A in five minutes

Some Xbox users after switching to Gold membership after the expiration of the previous membership may experience issues and begin to see the following error code on Xbox One – 0x803F900A. If the problem persists for a long time, you can try to take the following steps to remove the Xbox error code 0x803F900A. There’s […]

Fix Xbox One error 0x87DD0006 during Sign in

Any error, starting with the message 87DDXXXX in the Xbox, is typical of a network error. Your game session may experience problems or be interrupted by unknown error codes, preventing you from continuing your game. For example, when trying to connect, an Xbox user may receive the error 0x87DD0006 with the following message: There was […]

Port Forwarding explained. How to forward Ports?

The IP address alone is not sufficient to provide information to a computer. How does the computer network know what to do with information? This is determined by the port number to which the information packet is sent. This message explains what Port forwarding; and how do you forward the ports. What is port forwarding? […]

How to improve Privacy and Security on Telegram Messenger app

When it comes to messengers, WhatsApp is the most popular in the group, but with over 400 million users, Telegram is up there too. The tool is well known for focusing a lot on privacy, more than WhatsApp, Signal or Facebook Messenger. Telegram Messenger Privacy and Security Tips While we can say for sure that […]

How to connect two PCs to play multiplayer LAN games over WiFi

Online games with friends can be quite difficult at a time when people have to stay indoors. When most people are at home, the Internet service tends to lose a lot of its quality, how can a group of friends enjoy a multiplayer game without lag and without problems? Connect two PCs to play multiplayer […]

Things that can damage your Computer and shorten its life

The irony with everything we buy and find precious is that most of us don’t even bother to read the manuals until something is right. We usually turn to the manual, if we can find it, to correct or correct a problem. Textbooks usually give the do’s and don’ts and the means of making an […]

How to make a thread on Twitter to tweet more than 280 characters

This guide will help you make a thread on Twitter so you can tweet more than 280 characters or a series of tweets at a time. If you are tweeting various news updates, it is best to create a discussion thread so that your subscribers can see all of the tweets from one place. The […]

How to clean your keyboard and keep it free from bacteria and viruses

Cleaning the keyboard is extremely important, and unfortunately many of us don’t do it regularly, if at all. Because our hands come into contact with many things, it is safe to say that we transfer bacteria and viruses to our keyboard when they are used. How to keep your keyboard clean In other cases, we […]

How to find out the title of a deleted video on YouTube

Sometimes, Youtube will delete videos for various reasons. Therefore, if you are browsing a playlist and realize that some videos have been deleted, do not lose your mind as this is normal. Now, some people may want to know which video has been deleted, and this is where we come in. Check out deleted YouTube […]

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