Google and Samsung Team Up To Make Wear OS a True Competitor

Google and Samsung team up to make Wear OS a real competitor

In this blog post, we’ll share with you the most important things you need to know about the new team.

Google Wear operating system

Although the smartwatch platform has been turbulent in recent years, the Google Wear operating system and smartwatches in general will still be in use. In the opening speech for the Google I / O 2021 conference, the company announced the long-awaited update to Wear OS, which is also expected to be included in existing smartwatches. Google is hoping these platform changes will help attract larger attendees, such as Apple Watch, as well as OEM customization and Fitbit integration. The platform focuses on three pillars: battery life, performance, and the application ecosystem.

The platform has undergone major visual changes and used new developer tools to create a more competitive and user-friendly ecosystem. The next-gen Galaxy Watch with a new version of Wear OS will be released later this year. We’re likely to see the Galaxy Watch 4 running Wear OS replacing Tizen, and all Samsung Galaxy watches today use Tizen. Samsung has tried to support Wear OS for various reasons, but the main reason can be developed. One of the biggest hurdles for the Galaxy Watch series is the lack of third-party apps left by big app competitors like Apple Watch and Wear OS.

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With Samsung Wear OS, you can use Google’s many APIs to create a more cohesive and functional platform. One way to get more developers to join your platform is to use other platforms! Google initially didn’t allow OEMs to customize many Wear OS user interfaces. The software that works on smartwatches over $ 500 is the same as the software that works on cheap Wear OS watches. But he gave no particular reason to buy smartwatches based on anything other than hardware.

Now Google is trying to make Wear OS on smart watches more like Android on mobile phones. It does this by making the platform more developer friendly. Now adapt Wear OS UX to your phone. You may find that Samsung smartwatches have a more powerful interface, such as a user interface, while Fossil smartwatches may have preferred Fossil software settings. The company did not mention that this could affect the Wear OS update schedule. Will we run into the same issue when we see Android updates on Wear OS watches? After the launch of the personalized watch, how long does it take for Fossil to update its smartwatch? interface? We will let you know when we know more. Google also announced a number of user interface improvements for Wear OS. Now any developer can create tiles with information displayed with just a few swipes on the home screen. Wear OS also has a new navigation system that lets you switch between apps faster than before. For example, while exercising, you can drag and drop back to the music widget without wasting valuable time outside of the exercise app.

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You can also double-click the hardware button to launch the link in the learning application. In the new Wear operating system, performance has been improved. It can run 30 more apps than the current version of Wear OS. Since app performance is another weakness of Wear OS, that’s good news. Finally, thanks to the cooperation with Samsung, the wireless partners of Wear OS devices will have more choices. We assume that AT&T or T-Mobile can sell Wear OS devices that support LTE. Updates to YouTube Music and other Google apps.

One of the biggest controversies about Wear OS recently is the delay in launching YouTube Music on Wear OS after the company closed Google Play Music. Fortunately, with the new Wear OS update, that situation has changed. YouTube Music can finally switch to the Wear operating system with offline music playback. “YouTube Music” will be released later this year. We already know that YouTube Music is not the best choice for many users. This distinction belongs to Spotify. Fortunately, the Google Wear operating system has finally added an offline listening feature through Spotify.

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No specific timeline has been given except for “later this year”. Google Maps has a new user interface for step-by-step instructions. “The route function will be launched in early June 2021. Later this year, the map can be traveled without a phone nearby. We don’t have detailed information on how it works, but we will be in the coming months. Get more information inside. The operating system is also being extended to support 37 countries and more than 200 transmission systems around the world. Google’s goal is to make it compatible with mobile phones. The new countries are United Arab Emirates, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary , Ireland and Lithuania.

What Google and Samsung's Wear OS partnership means for users and Apple Watch

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