Chrome for Android tests the Darken Websites functionality

Many applications are now slowly but surely adopting dark mode. While some like WhatsApp had a love-hate relationship with it, others (like Instagram) quickly introduced the same without much hassle. However, with Chrome, things were different. Google introduced the same functionality a long time ago, but never fully integrated dark mode. While the Chrome user […]

Chrome tests a new Duet Menu on Android

The Duet menu is probably a section of the Chrome browser that keeps getting updated from time to time. For the ignorant, Chrome Duet is the bottom bar that contains all the main features such as the home tab, tab switches and the overflow icon. By default, this bottom bar remains disabled in the stable […]

How to Reset all Chrome Flags to Default State (Android & PC)

Google Chrome is perhaps the most feature-rich browser. To go further, the Flag section. These are the experimental features that are hidden from normal users. They not only provide for some changes to the user interface, but also tend to add more functionality. In some cases, it even allows you to change hardware and software […]

How to Change Font Size in Google Chrome for Android

Google Chrome is a browser offering a ton of customization features. There are several useful features, including the ability to change the font size in Google Chrome. Not everyone has perfect eyesight and reading small texts can be a chore for some. However, thanks to the text scaling option, users can increase or even decrease […]

Chrome Canary for Android tests a New Sharing Hub

To facilitate the process of sharing web pages and simplify the process, Chrome is testing a new sharing hub. This new section currently contains the QR code scanner, Send to your devices and the Copy link options, with the option to also add screenshots. The first option allows you to share web pages by creating […]

Place All Chrome Tabs in the Bottom Bar on Android

Each of you may have the gift of opening various tabs in your Chrome browser on Android. Although you can open as many tabs as you like, I did not really like this idea of ​​going to the tab change option, to search for the tabs you want and then open it. What if you […]

How to Enable the New Extension Menu in Chrome Browser

The Chrome browser manages to maintain its strong position in the browser segment because of the variety of features that it has to offer. Besides the tons of extensions for various groups of users that he has in store, he also has some hidden indicators. These flags are used to enable some experimental features in […]

How to Manage Chrome Autofill Settings on Android and Windows

One of the most useful features of Google Chrome is the automatic entry feature. When you log in to an app for the first time, AutoPlay registers your login and password. The next time you sign in to this app, Chrome's auto-completion feature will automatically recommend the credentials. Just tap the auto-complete dialog box to […]

How to Preview any Link Before Opening in Chrome for Android

Often you want to preview a link before opening it in Google Chrome. Fortunately, the browser provides a very convenient feature that allows you to do it. But why would you do it, could the question be in your mind? Often, you may encounter a link that you may want to see but you are […]

How to Disable Cache in Chrome Browser

For most people, the browser cache is something they have never heard of. It's just one of those things that make things work, but behind the scenes. Like the boot loader or the kernel in an operating system. Unless you are a Linux user, knowledge of such operating system components is not a thing that […]

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