Google Forms vs Typeform: Which Service Is Better for Surveys

When it comes to creating forms or collecting survey responses, Google Forms is one of the most popular and convenient options. This simple service allows you to easily create forms, and the fact that it’s free makes it a bonus. However, it is not the only tool available. Besides Microsoft Forms and JotForm, there is another service called Typeform.

Google Forms vs Typeform Which service is best for surveys

Typeform debuted in 2012 and offers a modern interface that makes the process of filling out forms (and creating them) fun.

But if you place them side by side, which service is right for you? Is Typeform the tool you’ve always been looking for? Or, should Google Forms always be the ubiquitous choice for conducting digital surveys and quizzes?

Well, this is what we are going to find out today by comparing some of the best features of Google Forms and Typeform.

As it will be long, let’s jump right on it, okay?

Common features

Types of questions and answers

The diversity of question types is what separates a great tool from the rest.

The forms group many types of questions. From simple multiple-check questions to downloads and file drop-down lists, it offers you many options to explore.

Google Forms vs Typeform 3

Choose one from the bundle and start designing your form.

If you were surprised by the types of questions provided by Google Forms, you would be blown away by Typeform. Okay, I might have exaggerated the script a bit, but you get the gist.

Click the Plus icon and everything will be revealed. From multiple choices and lengthy text questions to image choices and assessments, there’s a lot to play for.

Google Forms vs Typeform 2

Google Forms vs Typeform 1

And there is more in history. You can also add links to websites, legal entries and payment details, which is missing from the forms

Just click on the question type and it will be added to the form. These types of questions make it easier to design a variety of surveys and questionnaires in Typeform.

Validation of responses

In 2018, Google released an update that allows you to check responses before submitting. For example, if you have a field marked for age, you can specify that the answer can only be a number between 0 and 50 (or some other number).

Typeform vs Google Forms 2

The same goes for emails, URLs, and text responses. All of this can be taken care of when you create the quiz. The response part will be taken care of by the forms.

Typeform vs Google Forms 1

Typeform takes the short path when it comes to validation. While Forms lets you decide whether a text field will be used for email, a URL or a number, Typeform separates and fixes the problem in the bud by categorizing them into different types.

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So if you want a particular folder to be for an email, date or number, you have to specify the type when you make the form.

That said, Typeform also comes with its own validation set. You can specify the maximum number of words in a “Long text” question or the maximum number of a numeric field.

Google Forms vs Typeform 6

Google Forms vs Typeform 5

Overall, I liked the Typeform approach. He tries to fix everything from the start. But in hindsight, all different types of questions can confuse a form designer for the first time.

Integration of video and other media

Embedding videos and images in forms and surveys makes them more attractive and attractive. Interestingly, Google Forms allows you to add photos and videos between forms. So if you want your form to start with a nice video or a soothing welcome photo, it’s possible.

The best part is that you can download images from your PC, or you can search for them via the Google Search option.

Google Forms vs Typeform 8

But the option I like the most is the integration of Google Photos and Google Drive. This integration means that as long as you have access to your Google Account, you can create your forms almost anywhere.

Google Forms vs Typeform 7

But there is a slight catch. You cannot add multiple choice questions based on images.

When it comes to embedding multimedia, Typeform lets you do both. Yes, you can add videos and images between questions on your form. Similar to Google Forms, a simple tap on the Image / Video icon will do the trick.

Google Forms vs Typeform 10

Interestingly, the Image question type also allows you to add images as answers to multiple choice questions. If you have such a type of entry on your questionnaire, this makes writing much easier.

Models and themes galore

When it comes to forms, you can either create a questionnaire from scratch or choose one of the many templates available. Meanwhile, like all Google products, forms also include a multitude of models.

Although there are fewer than 20 models, the chances are greater that you will find one that fits your needs.

Google Forms vs Typeform 11

For now, there are templates for registering for an event, applying for a job and inviting a party, among others. And a template makes the job of developing a survey / quiz much easier.

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Well, you can also combine these models with existing themes to enhance the look.

Unlike the above, Typeform comes with drool-worthy designs and themes.

Google Forms vs Typeform 12

You can choose from a variety of pre-existing forms such as the application, the rental agreement and the quizzes, among others. And the best part is that the shapes are beautiful and the questions match the shapes well

Apart from the above, both services are delivered with the connection option. This allows you to direct the user to specific sections of the form based on the response.

Uncommon features

Import issues

One of the new features in Google Forms is that it allows you to import questions from old and old forms. This comes to the picture if you ask a particular type of question often enough. This feature is effective enough to help you save time in the long run.

Click on the Import a question icon (second from the top), choose an old form and make your selections. Yes, it’s that simple.

Google Forms vs Typeform 14

At the time of writing, Typeform had no functionality allowing users to import questions from an old form to a new one.

Hidden fields

Hidden fields are one of the paid features of Typeform. These allow you to customize your forms for better data analysis. Depending on your needs, you can modify them according to your needs.

Google Forms vs Typeform 123

For example, you can link two forms with hidden fields, or you can choose to follow the data of your respondents. The field is available as a question type.

Note that Hidden Field is a checkered feature and you need to upgrade to the professional plan to use it.

Integrated application support

Another functionality limited to Typeform is the integration of third-party applications. While Forms bundles internal apps like Sheets, Photos, and Google Drive, Typeform takes a step ahead and lets you connect apps like Slack, Google Sheets, Analytics, Dropbox, and more.

Google Forms vs Typeform 15

All of these applications are readily available under the Connection tab.

Analysis of responses

The Google Forms user in you should already know that forms allow you to connect a spreadsheet to collect responses. After grouping the responses, you can either open the spreadsheet to create custom tables and graphs. Or, you can use the existing pie charts in the Answers tab.

The best part is that you can copy the graphics from there and paste them onto a PowerPoint slide.

2020 04 12 15 31 49

While Typeform gives you an overview of all the answers. For MCQs, you get a graph on how people responded. However, if you want a detailed analysis, you can still connect to applications like to speed up the process.

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2020 04 12 15 30 41

As we mentioned above, it is more suitable for professional users.


This is where the real difference appears. All the functionality of Google Forms is completely free. As long as you have a valid Google account, all functionality is available. In addition, there is no limit on the number of responses or the number of models.

On the other hand, Typeform is a freemium service. Some features are free, but not all. For example, if you have the free plan, you can only have three active forms at a time.

Google Forms vs Typeform 16


Paid features are unlocked if you sign up for one of three paid plans, as noted above.

Which service to choose

Well, the answer is quite simple. If you are a student and looking for a free solution to create surveys and questionnaires, then Google Forms is the best solution for you.

You can collect an unlimited number of responses and the templates are good enough to start with. Once you know how to approach the different types of questions, starting a form from scratch is not as difficult as it seems.

If you are looking for forms for marketing surveys where the questions are as important as the appearance of the form, you should opt for the Type form.

The interface is modern and minimalist. What makes the transaction even more enjoyable is that the responding party is also a work of art. You must add your answer, press Enter and the following question will be displayed in style.


Intrigued by JotForm? Read the following detailed comparison between Google Forms and JotForm.

Last updated on April 19, 2020

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