Material Design Awards 2019 Winners are Here

You've probably never heard of this one, but each year, Google awards the Material Design Prize to 4 apps from the Play Store. No quantifiable method is used to award these rewards. They are simply attributed to the four applications that Google expects to use in an excellent way its design language. The winners for […]

How to Report Malicious Android Apps

Due to the recent surge in applications infected with viruses or malware, privacy concerns are at an unprecedented level. And why should not it be so? In the end, it is the users who have to bear the consequences of all this. Therefore, if you encounter a malicious application, it makes sense to inform Google […]

Add More Features to Google Play Store with These Apps

Do you want to be the first to be notified when a new app appears on the Play Store or when an app sale is in progress? Whether you want to monitor your subscriptions, fix an error in the Play Store or view all the apps you've purchased, there's an app for everything. In this […]

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