How COVID Has Changed The Landscape of The Esports Industry

How COVID Has Changed The Landscape of The Esports Industry

The COVID pandemic has changed the plans of every industry around the world, both the smallest and the biggest market leaders, so it hasn’t bypassed the esports industry. The idea of ​​the Esports project was to bring together the best players in the world to compete against each other to play the most popular games the gaming world has gone crazy for.

The format of the competition is organized to include tournaments that take place in the presence of the public. These events were covered by the media as some of the biggest world championships, and the goal was to grow year by year. These gaming championships include teams fighting to win against other teams. Therefore, the players of the team are united on the way to victory, constantly training in organized training in the presence of the coach.

The power of association later translates into great strategies and the development of cutting edge skills among all team members. Each member has their own task and role and all together strive to implement the previously established strategic plan. Despite the global problems caused by the pandemic, one could say that sport is successfully meeting the challenges of today. Here are the changes Covid has made to this industry.

In quarantine, the need for entertainment increases


To influence the removal of the risk of infection, authorities in many countries have decided on a full lockdown. Such an idea seemed cool to some at first because it meant not going to work or school, but it soon turned out to be more difficult than it seems, as many sources of entertainment had to. to be found. This is when esports became the focus.

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The lockdown forced people to stay at home and spend their time however they wanted. It has left all the e-sports and gaming fans all the time in the world enjoying watching the competition. In addition, the bookmakers remained open to all users who wanted to try to predict the outcome of the competition and make money. It’s also been a great time for some games that are starting to expansively capture the interest of audiences like CS: GO, according to what information can be found. at MEBO.

Online tournaments instead of traditional tournaments


Sports tournaments are organized as major sporting events. The venues are large arenas with game rooms where the contestants are located and the game is shown on large screens. The role of the big screens is to enhance the experience of the people who are in the audience and who came to support their favorite teams and enjoy the game. This is what the traditional tournaments looked like that took place before the declaration of the global pandemic .

Considering social distancing, which was a mandatory measure and prevented the gathering of the public, the organizers decided to turn the tide in their favor and started hosting online tournaments. It certainly drastically changed the mood on the site, but avid esports fans were able to enjoy the competition regardless of the new situation.

In this case, this industry took advantage of the high technological development and found a way to make quarantine days more fun for fans. In addition, it has brought many benefits to the industry itself.

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Lack of regular sports tournaments makes esports an even more desirable form of entertainment


Traditional sports such as basketball, tennis, soccer and others have felt the pandemic effects to an even greater extent. It was not possible to organize the matches due to the current aggravating circumstances as well as the absence of the public, whose presence is essential when such events occur.

This is another of the things that have favored the esports industry. Traditional matches, for all the popularity of this new industry, have always been the favorites. The pandemic has now left them one step behind these competitors. This left room for the gaming competition project to reach even more audiences.

As the organization of leagues and tournaments was put on hold for some time, there was no game to watch. And since gaming competition was somewhat similar to gaming, it quickly gained popularity among users as a new form of entertainment.

Organizers’ income decreases


The esports industry was a fast growing industry that easily and quickly gained popularity with the public and gamers. Thanks to this, the profits made from the organization of the tournament increased rapidly, so that the organizers could only be harmed by a situation like the one in which we find ourselves. Over time, their income began to decline.

Therefore, it was necessary to take certain measures regarding the financial plan. The sources of funding that have worked perfectly so far are no longer sufficient. To maintain the optimal level of profit, it was necessary to reorganize financial activities and seek new sources of investment.

When we talk about the consequences of covid, which were certainly present in this case as well, regardless of the positive results, the loss of profit could stand out as one of the most important.

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Growing interest from various investors

This could build on the previous paragraphs. Thus, investments in the sports world so far have mainly focused on football, basketball and other traditional sports, which have always been a great passion of fans. We also knew that by investing in the traditional sports industry, there was a very high chance of success.

But, given that it has been rocked by the dire consequences of the pandemic, gambling competitions could potentially have been the focus of investor interest. And so it was. On the other hand, the loss of profit required finding ways to attract new investment. It was one of the possible ways to overcome the new crisis.

We could certainly say that COVID has made some big changes to the esports industry, but it can’t be said that they were all negative. Video game enthusiasts can enjoy competitions from the comfort of their home with a whole new experience. Enjoy all of these benefits, until better times when you can feel that old, exciting atmosphere again.

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