How to Clear Chrome Cookies and Cache for One Site Only

For faulty websites in Google Chrome, clearing the browser cache and cookies usually works like a charm. It can help fix unresponsive site elements, strange anomalies and even browser crashes most of the time. But do you need to delete all cached web content and go through the hassle of logging in everywhere? Well, deleting all of this data only for a site that behaves badly is like an overreaction.

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If a problem is limited to a single site, simply clear the cache and cookies associated with the site itself. Fortunately, Chrome offers two methods to help you do this.

The first method is quite simple and helps you immediately clear cookies and cache from any website. The second method takes a little while but has its uses, such as cases where you need to clear the cached data on a group of linked websites.

Clear cookies and Chrome cache for one site

Chrome lets you quickly clear cache and cookies for a single website. You can then load the most recent instance of the site and (hopefully) resolve any issues you have encountered. If you are logged into the site, you will need to log in again after clearing the cached data.

However, this method will not clear data cached on associated sites or subdomains. For example, deleting the cache and cookies in Gmail ( will not delete data from Google Photos ( If you want to delete data in all subdomains, go to the next method.

Step 1: Load the site in Google Chrome, then click the lock symbol in the left corner of the address bar.

Note: If the site does not have a secure connection to your web browser, you will see an “Unsecured” label in place of the padlock icon – click on it instead.

Chrome Clear Cookies Cache One Site Only 1

2nd step: In the context menu that appears, click Site settings.

Chrome Clear Cookies Cache One Site Only 2

Step 3: Chrome will load a new tab listing usage data and site-related permissions. Click the button labeled Clear Data in the Usage section.

Chrome Clear Cookies Cache One Site Only 3

Step 4: Click on Clear data in the confirmation window. Chrome will immediately clear the site’s cache and cookies.

Chrome Clear Cookies Cache One Site Only 4

Refresh the website. Chrome will start loading new site data and cookies.

Note: If you have deleted the cache and cookies from a subdomain website but have not resolved any issues, you may want to delete data from other associated subdomains.

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Alternative method: clear Chrome cookies and cache for one site

If you can’t use the above method (the site causes Chrome to crash when loading, for example), you can instead dive into Chrome settings, locate the website manually, and then clear its cache and cookies. . You can also use this method to clear cached data from a subdomain or group of subdomains.

Start by typing chrome: // settings / content / all in a Chrome address bar. Press Enter to load a list of all cached sites. If a site contains several subdomains, you can access it by expanding the main domain (root).

Chrome Clear Cookies Cache One Site Only 5

Point: Open the Chrome menu, click Settings> Privacy & security> Site settings> ‘View permissions and data stored on sites’ to access the same screen, as shown above.

Clearing cookies and cache on a site or subdomain

You can quickly delete cookies and cache from a single website by following the steps below.

Step 1: Locate the site and click on it. If you want to clear cookies and cache from a subdomain website (, for example), first expand the list of the site’s root domain (, then select the sub -field.

Chrome Clear Cookies Cache One Site Only 6

Point: Use the search bar in the upper right corner of the screen to filter the sites by domain name.

2nd step: Click the button labeled Clear Data.

Chrome Clear Cookies Cache One Site Only 7

Step 3: Click Clear Data again in the confirmation box.

Chrome Clear Cookies Cache One Site Only 8

Chrome will erase the data relating to the selected site.

Clearing cached data in a group of subdomains

Sometimes you need to delete the data cached on multiple websites from related subdomains in Chrome to resolve the issues. Rather than manually deleting the cache and cookies for each subdomain, you can delete all the data by doing the following.

Step 1: Click the three-dot icon next to the main domain.

Chrome Clear Cookies Cache One Site Only 9

2nd step: Click on Clear Data.

Chrome Clear Cookies Cache One Site Only 10

Step 3: Click Clear Data again to confirm.

Chrome Clear Cookies Cache One Site Only 11

This should delete all cached data belonging to the main domain and subdomains.

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Clearing cookies and cache from a related website, subdomain, or group of websites can quickly resolve isolated issues. Since this is not a foolproof solution, you may need to consider clearing the entire Google Chrome cache in case of persistent problems. Additionally, browser extensions can also take their toll, so this is another thing to consider when troubleshooting websites.


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