How to Create an Attendance Report in Google Meet

How to Create an Attendance Report in Google Meet

If you frequently attend paid Google Meet webinars or set up meetings with a large group of people, you can use a Google Meet extension to create an attendance report in Google Sheets. This practice allows you to follow all the users participating in the Google Meet call.

Use the Google Meet extension

As mentioned earlier, you can enhance the Google Meet experience with several features using a Google Meet extension. We’ll cover three Google Meet extensions that allow you to create an attendance report on the fly. Let’s start with the Meet Attendance extension.

1. Participation in meetings

These extensions are based on chrome. This means that they will work with the Chrome browser and other Chromium browsers like Microsoft Edge, Opera, Brave, and Vivaldi. Now follow the steps below to configure and use the Join Meetings extension.

Step 1: Open the Chrome browser and go to the Chrome Web Store on the web.

2nd step: Search for Meet Attendance and download the extension in the browser.

Step 3: You will notice a small extension icon in the browser menu bar, suggesting a successful installation.

Step 4: Go to Google Meet on the web and start your regular meeting.

Meet participation 1

Step 5: When everyone has joined the Meet webinar, you can tap the Meeting Details tab.

The next menu will show some options for creating a participant attendance report. Features include creating a new spreadsheet, disabling attendance collection, automatic participant scrolling, and having snapshots.

Presence options

The extension also comes with a Premium version and allows you to compare your class list to Meet attendees. You can see who is absent this time compared to the last meeting. The premium version costs $ 2.5 per month.

2. Google Meet presence collector

As its name suggests, this allows you to download a list of participants present in the Meet session at a given time. Follow the steps below to configure it.

Step 1: Go to the Chrome Web Store and download the Google Meet Attendance Collector using the link below.

2nd step: After a successful installation, you will find the extension in the menu bar.

The next time you’re in the middle of Google Meet and want to take the attendance report, click on the extension.

Participation in Google meetings

You will be given the option to rescan the Google Meet list and download the .csv file to the device from the following menu.

After successful upload process, just open the file and you will see the date, time, number of members with name in the excel sheet.

Attendance report

3. Participation in Google Meet

The process of downloading and installing an extension remains the same as above. The Google Meet Attendance extension is for teachers who have had to move quickly to online classes and need an easy way to join a Google meeting. When you start your Meet, you can enter a list of expected invitees and the extension will automatically detect who joined the call and how long they stayed. You can save multiple class lists (which are shared with all your devices).

Meet the participation

Uninstall the Chrome extension

When things get back to normal, you will no longer need these extensions installed on your browser. Follow the steps below to uninstall irrelevant Chrome extensions.

Step 1: Open the Google Chrome browser on your Windows or Mac device.

2nd step: Tap the three-dot menu in the top right corner and go to Settings.

Chrome settings

Step 3: You will find the extension in the left sidebar. Tap on it.

Step 4: This will open a separate extension menu in a new tab. Here you will see all the extensions installed on your browser.

Chrome Extensions

Step 5: There are two options for you. You can deactivate the extension or remove it from the browser.

Remove extensions

If you need the extension for further use, you can disable the extension from the menu. It will hide the extension from the browser menu bar but remains accessible from the extension menu.

Tap the Remove option to completely remove the extension from the browser.

You can also right-click (or use the two-finger click if you’re using the trackpad) on the Chrome menu bar extension and select Remove from Chrome.

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