How to Download Instagram Photos and Videos on PC Using 4K Stogram

How to Download Instagram Photos and Videos on PC Using 4K Stogram

If you’re an Instagram enthusiast, you’ll know all about the cool new features that have been introduced in the past two years. From adding multiple photos to Instagram Stories to accessing DMs on PC – and there are many more. However, when it comes to downloading your old Instagram posts (and videos), unfortunately, the app doesn’t give us much choice. Aside from grabbing a quick screenshot, there is no other way. While this method may work for photos, it fails for videos. Fortunately, this is not the end of the road for us.

There are a few third-party apps like 4K Stogram, which allow you to download Instagram photos and videos directly to your PC. Plus, you can download and access high quality photos, videos and stories from your favorite Instagram accounts. Yeah, that great beach photo you saw the other day? You can now retrieve a copy and save it in your album.

Apart from that, 4K Stogram combines several interesting features. So if you were looking to view your old Instagram posts on your computer, here’s how it can help you.

Note: Uploading photos and videos from other Instagram accounts may or may not be legal. Refer to this article to understand the terms before deciding to download photos and videos from someone else’s account.

How to download Instagram photos and videos to PC

4K Stogram offers a clean, hassle-free interface that is easy to navigate. Aside from Instagram user accounts, you can also access hashtags and locations for your research. In addition, if you log in using your personal identifier, you can also view the photos and videos of those you follow.

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Again, we reiterate that uploading photos and videos of someone else without their express consent is sensitive territory that could be considered unethical or even qualified as criminal harassment.

Step 1: Before embarking on the download process, you will need to select an output folder. The tool automatically creates a folder in the Pictures folder. However, I recommend that you keep the media in a different location for better file organization.

To change from the default folder, click Tools> Preferences.

Select the new folder and press the Move button.

2nd step: Then enter the name of the Instagram account in the search bar. Once you have done this, you will see all of the relevant names in the box. Choose the one you need.

Step 3: After that click on the Settings icon to access the advanced download options. As you can see in the screenshot below, you will be able to customize the downloads according to your preferences.

If you want photos from a given period, simply enter the start date and end date and select Download Photo Items from the menu.

Now all you have to do is hit the Subscribe button. The download status will be displayed right next to the account. If you wish to suspend the said process, click on the Sync icon.

Cool tip: Click on Show details (three-dot menu) to see all the media downloaded in the application.

Depending on your selection criteria, the download time will vary. For example, if you have chosen to upload both photos and videos without mentioning the dates, the upload time will be considerably longer.

The best part is that 4K Stogram automatically separates messages according to their type. This means that you will not have Instagram stories alongside a photo or video in the folders.

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To view the contents of the folder directly, click the three-dot button and select View Folder.

How to backup your Instagram account

4K Stogram also allows you to make a backup of your Instagram account. Of course, you will need to log in using your Instagram credentials before the app can access your account.

After logging in, click Edit> Subscribe to> My Account, and the app will do the rest.

Did you know: You can also save your bookmarked items using 4K Stogram.

How to copy subtitles from old Instagram posts

In addition to allowing you to download multimedia items from Instagram, 4K Stogram also allows you to copy subtitles from your old messages and videos. So if you’ve recently discovered an old photo with an interesting caption, all you have to do is tap the three-dot menu as shown in the screenshot below.

Once done, select More> Copy caption and it will be copied to your computer’s clipboard.

This feature is useful for old photos and videos if you want to save them with a description or reuse some of them for work. While you can copy content directly from Instagram, constantly scrolling through old messages can be a waste of time.

Additional cool features

As mentioned earlier, 4K Stogram also allows you to subscribe to hashtags and placements. For example, to see photos of your favorite city, just type the name of the city in the search bar and subscribe. The app will do the rest of the work of creating the photo collection.

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The same goes for hashtags.

To see the most recent items always at the top, be sure to select From most recent to oldest when sorting.

Simplified Instagram downloads

This is how you can easily save Instagram photos and videos directly to your PC. The best part is that 4K Stogram also allows you to make a backup of your account. And the high quality download capacity is the icing on the cake.

The free version of 4K Stogram has certain limitations. For example, in the free version, you can only subscribe to two accounts and upload up to 200 photos per day.

All limitations are removed when upgrading to paid versions. The personal license is available at a price of $ 9.95 and allows you to subscribe up to 10 accounts. It also gives you the option to download stories and messages. The professional license is available for $ 30 and comes with an automatic update function for subscriber accounts. These two licenses are valid for 3 computers.

Last updated on May 23, 2020

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