How to Enable and Use Focus Sessions in Windows 11

How to enable and use focus sessions in Windows 11 1

It is easy to set up and the best part is that you can also listen to music from Spotify while you get the job done. And yes, you can also define the tasks. Sounds interesting, right?

In this article, we will see how to activate and use Focus Session to increase your productivity.

Let’s go, will you?

What are Windows 11 focus sessions

As stated earlier, Focus Session is designed to help you focus more on the job at hand. Its function is similar to the Time-Block mechanism, where you block a certain time in your day for a particular task.

How to enable and use focus sessions in Windows 11 2

Whereas previously Windows users had to rely on third-party apps or Chrome extensions, this time users like us can access them directly from the Clock app itself.

Naturally, you will have to log in to access all the features. However, this is not mandatory. For now, Focus Sessions integrates Microsoft To-Do and Spotify.

How to enable and use focus sessions in Windows 11 1

You can see your daily progress and sequences with the focus sessions. Sequences are the number of times you have successfully completed a session. At the same time, you can also set yourself a daily goal. For now, Microsoft has set the goal of 1 hour.

Focus sessions can be found under the Clock app. Just open the Start menu and search for Clock.

How to start a task

If this is your first time accessing Focus Sessions, you might need to sign in before the app can retrieve your tasks from Microsoft To-Do.

Once done, all you need to do is hit the Start Focus Session button and start the stopwatch. Focus Sessions comes with the option to add a break in between. By default, the break is five minutes and you can change it in the settings (we’ll talk about that later).

How to enable and use focus sessions in Windows 11 2

Step 1: To start the task, hover over the task and click the Select button for the session.

How to enable and use focus sessions in Windows 11 0

2nd step: Change the timer as needed and start the session. That’s it.

Once the stopwatch is finished (or you have stopped it manually), the time relative to that particular task will be displayed. Well, that’s a huge plus. This way, it will help you estimate how long it takes you to complete (or partially complete) a job so that you can more easily calculate the time required for future sessions.

Again, note that Microsoft To-Do pairing is not required. If you just want to time yourself while you are working on a task, you can add a new independent task. To do this, click on the three dot button as shown in the screenshot below and add the details.

How to enable and use focus sessions in Windows 11 21

Manage notifications and remove distractions

But, no clock or timer can help you be productive if you are continually distracted by a barrage of notifications.

To mitigate notifications, click Settings in the left panel and select Change your notification settings.

How to enable and use focus sessions in Windows 11 10

This action will open the Windows notification and the debugging assistant.

While the notification displays a larger image, you can actually customize all of your system’s notification settings using Focus Assist. You can either set automatic rules based on the time of day. Or, you can select the names of the allowed applications.

How to enable and use focus sessions in Windows 11 011

Again, it’s important to note that Focus Assist does not start automatically when you start a focus session. It just opens the door to better handling of notifications.

The idea is to adapt it accordingly so that you have minimal distractions while you are working.

Customize settings for focus sessions

While there aren’t many, you can customize some of the focus session settings as desired.

For example, you can set the default focus period and pause period through settings.

How to enable and use focus sessions in Windows 11 01

Apart from that, there are other minor changes like changing session tones.

If you prefer to listen to music from their smartphones, here is where you can deselect the Spotify tile.

Keep counting down

For the moment, Focus Sessions offer a good way to time block natively. It allows you to add stand-alone tasks and directly extract tasks from Microsoft To-Do. Well, the Spotify integration looks interesting as well.

However, in order to focus on the task at hand, you will need to remove all unnecessary distractions. And at the same time, configure both Focus Assist and Focus Sessions. Hopefully Microsoft will add a native way to change notifications soon.

Last updated on November 29, 2021

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