How to Find Instagram Reels That You Saved or Liked Quickly

How to Find Instagram Reels That You Saved or Liked Quickly

Instagram has released a new feature called Reels, which works a lot like TikTok. You can scroll through an endless stream of Reels, discovering more content similar to what you liked or saved. Soon you will have a long list of funny, weird or useful videos saved somewhere in the app. How do you find those Instagram Reels saved and liked when needed? There is also a subtle difference between the two.

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Find the Instagram reels you saved or liked

The “Like” function works like on Facebook, where you can like something if you like it. Show your appreciation for the creator’s work. Saving means saving the reel for later use or viewing without the creator knowing. Instagram makes it hard to find saved and liked Instagram reels. You can use both or depending on what you need from the coil in question.

Let’s start.

Find Liked / Saved Instagram Reels on the Web

Step 1: Open Instagram in your favorite browser and log in using your login or Facebook credentials. Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner of the screen to select the Saved option.

Find the Instagram reels you saved or liked 1

This is where you will find all of your recorded reels and other footage that you may have also recorded. There is no way to access or store them separately in the web app.

Find Instagram Reels You Saved Or Liked 2

There is also no way to access Beloved Reels in a browser. Instagram was designed to be mobile first, and most of the functionality is available on the smartphone. This is where people use Instagram the most.

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Instant gratification

People want everything instantly, be it food, wealth, or entertainment. The same goes for fame and platforms like TikTok, and now Reels is filling the void. Whether Reels can replicate TikTok’s success remains to be seen. The recent bans that TikTok has faced may help the matter, but it’s still too early.

The Reels feature is not well placed, and finding saved and loved reels is not easy or intuitive. Hope future updates fix the problem. However, Reels is part of Instagram and doesn’t have a separate app, which only complicates the interface.

For now you will need to go look at your collection in the Settings section which takes a few more clicks. Let us know what you think in the comments section below. If you have any doubts or have found a workaround, please share that as well.


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Last updated on August 25, 2020

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