How to View Wishlists in Audible on Any Device

Audible is one of the popular audio book platforms. For such a popular application, the Audible interface is surprisingly confusing and basic. When I installed and launched it to check the service, I found that it was missing some important features, especially for iOS users. This is why so many users, just like me, cannot […]

How to Stop iOS Wifi From Turning on Automatically

Apple added Control Center in iOS as part of a new quick menu in iOS 7. On your Apple iPhone or iPad, you can swipe up from any screen and enable / disable various services. One of these services is Wi-Fi. While Control Center makes it quick and easy to manage Wi-Fi and other connectivity […]

How to Share iPhone or iPad Screen on Zoom

Zoom has just released the best quarterly results in the history of the company with solid indications for the next quarter. We have seen Microsoft and Google target Zoom with their video calling offerings such as Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. Still Zoom holds up well with features such as whiteboard rich screen sharing, ease […]

How to Fix Authy Codes Not Working Issue

2. Use backup codes Each application, site or service offering two-factor authentication functionality provides backup codes at the time of creation. You should have noted it in a safe place, preferably offline or online with strong encryption, in case of an emergency. Usually, the backup codes are displayed after scanning the QR code with the […]

Top 9 Ways to Fix Copy-Paste Not Working on Windows 10 Issue

The copy and paste function in Windows 10 is often taken for granted. It’s as simple as pressing Ctrl + C then Ctrl + V on your keyboard. We use it several times a day to facilitate our work. Everything seems fine until the copy and paste stops working on your Windows 10 computer. Of […]

How to Fix Houseparty Not Syncing or Connecting to Contacts

There is no shortage of video calling apps right now, and Houseparty has made a name for itself among the best players. Probably, the manufacturer of Fortnite Epic Games, buying Houseparty, pushed him. However, I think integrating a feature that allows people to play games with friends in real time during the video call could […]

How to Find, Download, and Delete Google Duo Call History

Google Duo is gradually becoming everyone’s favorite video calling app, especially on Android phones. Each day that passes, new users join the application. and it has reached 1 billion downloads. Is your special person also part of the lot that joined the Duo app? It would be wonderful, but only if you could clear your […]

How to Fix Skype Audio Not Working on Windows 10

Homework is the norm these days. Businesses and organizations around the world are embracing collaborative tools like Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, and WebEx to get things done and create digital meetings and conferences. During a call, you may have experienced a sound on your side, or may not work as expected. The problem is in […]

How to Fix Instagram Save to Collection Not Working (And Other Tips)

Instagram allows you to save posts so you can easily reference them later. It’s a feature that I use all the time. Saving messages is useful in many situations. Even better, Instagram allows you to carefully classify your posts saved in collections. Some Instagram users, however, miss the benefits of this feature, as it sometimes […]

How to Easily Convert JPG Images to HEIC on iPhone

Apple’s HEIC format saves photos at only half the size of a traditional JPEG image – without any noticeable reduction in visual quality. Unbelievable, right? This is why Apple has made it the default camera photo format on the iPhone. In short, HEIC helps a lot when it comes to managing storage. However, your iPhone […]

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