Top 2 Ways to Use Virtual Background in Google Meet

The use of video calls is increasing. Almost every business and organization in the world is switching to video calling tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet to host digital meetings and conferences. Google Meet is the newcomer, and the search giant recently made Google Meet free for everyone. Although you don’t need to […]

How to Change Backgrounds in Microsoft Teams (And Use Cool Backgrounds)

Microsoft Teams contains several useful features that make it easier and more fun to use. One of these features is the ability to change backgrounds in Teams. Well, you don’t have to reveal your environment or family history when making a video call in Teams. Working from home can bring with it challenges like pets, […]

7 Best Session Manager Extensions for Chrome

Google Chrome provides a native feature to restore tabs from the previous session. You can also restore tabs if the browser crashes. But what if you want to save the tabs of your current Chrome session so that you can revisit them a week later? Sure, you can bookmark all the tabs, but that’s not […]

Top 9 Things to Know About Google Chrome Profiles

You should know that you can add multiple Google accounts in the same Chrome profile. Switching between them is as simple as clicking a single button. All of your personal information, such as bookmarks, history, and passwords, is saved to the Google Account by default. What if you want to keep your personal and professional […]

How to Fix Green Cell or Green Line Error in Google Sheets

Google Sheets users face a problem when they see a green line after certain cells or the cell with a green border. This can be problematic or just a bad case of conditional formatting. In some cases, this can ruin the dataset, and you don’t want it. This message will guide you on how to […]

What Is Microsoft Edge Collections and Why Should You Use It

Wondering what the Collections icon is next to the address bar in the new Microsoft Edge Chromium web browser? If you come from the legacy version of Microsoft Edge or another Chromium-based browser such as Google Chrome, you will be justifiably curious. So what exactly are Microsoft Edge collections? And should you use it? Collections […]

5 Best Microsoft Whiteboard Alternatives

Working from home is quickly becoming the norm in all industries. Some organizations allow their employees to work from home permanently. And while you’re working from home, brainstorming with your team can be tricky. The whiteboard is one of the tools that teams would find useful when collaborating remotely. Although Microsoft Whiteboard is a solid […]

How to Access American Netflix With VPN

It’s no secret that the catalog of Netflix TV shows and movies for U.S. audiences is significantly different from that of the other region. At the time of writing, titles like The Last Airbender or Ant-Man and the Wasp were not available in India. The content license conditions vary from region to region. However, this […]

How to Know Who Removed You From a Meeting in Microsoft Teams

“Someone just removed you from the meeting” – Does this message sound familiar to you? Many Microsoft Teams users face the same problem when someone expels them from a random meeting. Of course, you would like to know why you were evicted and who did it. This is a confusing question, and we will try […]

Top 11 Ways to Fix Instagram Keeps Logging Out Issue

“Sorry, we could not sign you up.” Did this Instagram mistake make your life hell? You’re not alone. Other Instagram users also cannot log into their account. The problem arose for them either after deactivating their account, or after reinstalling the Instagram application to resolve other problems. Do not worry. Here are some solutions to […]

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