How to Stop Tiles From Resizing or Moving Around in Group FaceTime

FaceTime comes with a nifty feature that automatically enlarges the tiles when people start talking. Apple calls it Automatic Prominence, and this feature may be essential when you have dozens of people involved. But when FaceTime group calls are crowded, you may want to prevent the tiles from resizing or moving the screen on your […]

How to Share Your Screen in Google Meet on iPhone and iPad

Google Meet is more than just using your iPhone or iPad cameras to relay the video. If you want to give live presentations, present ideas, train employees, or do just about anything that involves screen broadcasting, Google Meet makes that more than possible. But how do you share your screen in Google Meet on iPhone […]

How to Enable or Disable Dark Mode in Gmail on iPhone and iPad

With the release of iOS 13 and iPadOS, the native Apple Mail app finally started supporting the long-awaited dark mode. Then the third-party email clients, such as Outlook for iOS, followed suit. But Gmail was an exception to let you use dark mode. Of course, many are not a fan of it. Thankfully, you can […]

How to Check the File Format of a Document or Photo on iPhone

Did you download an attachment from an email or a file from a site? On iPhone, the majority of native and third-party applications will not display file extensions. This is not a problem for most, as you can preview common file formats using your iPhone itself or download the appropriate app from the App Store […]

How to Secure Google Drive With Face ID or Touch ID on iPhone and iPad

We often store important files and folders in Google Drive. But if you tend to leave your iPhone or iPad unlocked, anyone can just open the app and access its content. That’s why it’s essential to secure your important Google Drive files with Face ID or Touch ID authentication on your iPhone and iPad. It […]

3 Best Ways to Open Sites in Mobile Mode in Safari for iPadOS

Safari is a greatly improved web browser on iPads running iPadOS. You can customize websites, use content blockers, manage multiple file downloads, perform tons of keyboard shortcuts, and more. And it also loads websites in desktop mode – which is so handy for browsing the web. By default, Safari for iPadOS masquerades as a desktop […]

How to Use Google Photos in Dark Mode on iPhone and iPad

Google Photos is a great alternative to the native Photos app on iPhone and iPad. Fantastic image viewing and editing features, combined with unlimited photo and video backups, make it an absolute must on your device. But what was sorely lacking in Google Photos was a dark mode. Most native and third-party apps have displayed […]

How to Fix the Cellular Data Grayed Out Issue on iPhone and iPad

When you pass mobile data to Wi-Fi, you display the Control Center on your iPhone to enable or disable cellular data. What happens when tapping the Cellular icon does nothing? And when you take a closer look, it’s grayed out. We have experienced this and worked on a guide to correct the grayed out Cellular […]

4 Best Ways to Convert PNG to JPG on iPhone and iPad

PNG images can have an advantage over JPEGs in terms of image quality. But the PNG format simply can’t beat the widespread compatibility and smaller file sizes that JPG brings to the table. However, converting them on an iPhone may seem like a difficult task, but it’s not that complicated. If you’re on an iPhone […]

How to Import Chrome Passwords to Safari on Mac

For years, Safari for Mac has offered no way to import passwords from Google Chrome. That alone made the complete transition to Safari quite difficult for long-time Chrome users. Of course, that meant running two instances of browsers and switching between them for work or play. Well, you can manually add all the passwords from […]

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