How to turn off screen of a laptop but keep PC running

Windows offers a sleep mode where it temporarily shuts down everything on Windows. Although recovery is quick, but if you want to turn off your screen instantly, there is no built-in method. In this article, we will share a list of free software that will instantly turn off the display or screen in Windows. How […]

How to Customize Lid Close Action and Settings in Windows 10

Foldable covers are one of the many physical properties that make laptops unique and portable. However, the function of a laptop's cover goes far beyond aesthetics and the housing of the screen. This is why it is difficult to estimate the battery life of a laptop when you have the random habit of closing the […]

10 Best Ways to Fix Windows 10 Laptop Not Connecting to Mobile Hotspot on Android

Most Android devices have built-in Wi-Fi data sharing functionality so if you're using a Windows 10 laptop, it can connect to the Android phone's network. However, it is common to encounter bugs and problems preventing your Windows 10 laptop from connecting to the mobile point of access on Android. In case of emergency or traveling, […]

How to Take a Screenshot on HP Pavilion x360

When using the HP convertible x360 tablet mode in the true sense of the term, we do not have access to the physical keyboard. So, to take screenshots without the keyboard on the HP Pavilion x360, you need a software or a touch button. We are happy to say that Microsoft has grouped several options […]

How to run Laptop with the lid closed in Windows 10

When we are away from our office, we first close the lid of our laptop, then we leave. It is mainly to keep the eyes indiscreet of the screen. However, that does not mean that we have turned off the laptop. It is always possible to keep your laptop running with the lid closed. Why […]

How to wake Windows laptop from sleep with lid closed?

Laptops are excellent devices; they have essentially transformed the way we use Windows. But if you are looking for an arrangement in which you want to use your laptop as a desktop computer connected to a monitor, you will face some problems. While we were recently trying to realize this for a friend, we were […]

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