Magisk: What Is It and How to Install


Magisk allows users to root and customize their phones. Read our Magisk guide on how to install and use this powerful tool for your Android phone.

What is Magisk?

Magic is a well-known application in the world of Android devices. It is a tool for customizing Android devices. The special thing about this tool is that you can modify the system without actually changing it. How is it possible? The changes made by a person are stored in the boot partition, so that the actual system files do not change. This way anything that is done is not detected by Google SafetyNet. SafetyNet is an important safety feature, but it blocks applications when the system is being modified. The main advantage of Magisk is that you don’t have to worry about such consequences, and at the same time you can have modifications like Module. It allows for easy customization and has things like ad blockers and emoji replacements. Modules can be found in the Magisk Manager application in the drop-down menu. Another great feature of Magisk is its constant updates. They are necessary due to SafetyNet updates, so they do not affect the productivity and efficiency of Magisk and avoid crashing applications.

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Download the latest version 22.0 of Magisk Manager for Android 2021

How to install Magisk?

Installing Magisk can be done in a few easy steps. All you need is a device with Android 4.2+ and custom recovery. To download the application, click on here. Then you will have to activate the installation from unknown sources while staying at the given site. This can be done by clicking on Settings, and it will take you to where you need to authorize by clicking Allow from this source. Now return to the installation process. This time the button “InstallĀ»Install the app on your phone, and that’s it. You can now freely personalize your device.

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How to install Magisk on Android?  (Complete guide)

There is also another way to install this great app. It is with the custom recovery option. First of all, you need to download TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project). It allows Android users to download third-party firmware and backup the current system. It can be done again here. After that, download the Magisk app from the same site. Then rename the .apk file to .zip. Then restart your device in recovery and click on Install button in TWRP. When you have completed the previous steps, navigate to on internal storage and click Select storage. Install the file on your phone and when it’s done open the file and tap where it says Restart the system, and that’s the last thing to do. Let the personalization begin!

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New v22.0 update merges Magic and Magic Manager apps

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