Mirror or Cast Android or iPhone to Windows 10 using LetsView

Mirror or Cast Android or iPhone to Windows 10 using LetsView

Mirroring the screen of a smartphone on a computer or a computer screen on a smartphone is something of interest. While not everyone will want to do this, but for those who do, we expect you to look for the right tool to do the job. We have been testing for a few days a screen replication tool called LetsViewand from what we can say, it only works for Windows 10, Android and iOS. At the moment, we only use Android and Windows 10 versions because we have an Android device. Both are necessary for mirroring.

Keep in mind that for mirroring to work, your smartphone and your Windows 10 computer must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. In addition, the tool supports AirPlay and Miracast, which means that you should have no connection problem.

Let's take a look at some of the features that should be expected when using LetsView:

  • Whiteboard
  • Recording
  • Screen capture
  • Live streaming
  • PowerPoint Control
  • QR code scan to connect
  • PIN login

The ability to stream live, save, control PowerPoint and use a whiteboard are the features that really passionate us.

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Mirror of the Android Screen on a Windows 10 PC

Using this free tool for screen mirroring, LetsView, you can mirror Android or iPhone on Windows 10 or transfer the screen of a PC to your phone easily. This program is not easy to use, but it is usually very easy to use and it is always a good thing.

  1. Same Wi-Fi network
  2. Connect devices
  3. Take screenshots
  4. Whiteboard
  5. Settings

Let us examine this in more detail, shall we?

1) Same Wi-Fi network

Before you start the mirroring process, make sure your mobile devices and Windows are connected to the same Wi-Fi network at home or in your enterprise. Once this is done, then it is time to move on to the next step.

2) connect devices

On your mobile phone, you should see the name of your Windows PC, as well as the icon. Tap it, and then select the option to view the phone screen on your computer or the one on your phone.

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Do not forget that your firewall can prevent LetsView from reflecting your computer on your smartphone, so keep that in mind if it does not work as well. You will need to enter the firewall and configure LetsView to allow it.

If, for any reason, you have done everything and can not log in, we advise you to click on the section to the right of your computer screen. It should highlight some numbers, but when you click, you should now see a QR code.

Use your smartphone to scan the code to trigger the connection between the two devices.

3) Take screenshots

When it comes to screen capture, this task is extremely easy to accomplish. You see, when you play back your screen, you can take a screen shot by simply selecting the third icon in the upper right corner. From there, click on Screenshots to take a picture.

4) white board

You can write with your fingers via LetsView, but everything is done from the Whiteboard tool. Users can take advantage of this feature when it's time to make presentations for family, friends or in a professional environment.

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It is very easy to use, and if you have used similar programs before, there is no surprise regarding the basics.

Overall, LetsView is a quality tool even without added features. Mirroring works very well, and as long as your Wi-Fi connection is fast enough, the problems should be minimal.

5) parameters

In this region, there is really not much to do. The user can configure LetsView to start at startup, adjust flow resolution, warn when closing, and so on.

Download LetsView from official web page.

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