5 Best Minimal Note-Taking Apps for Android

There are several minimum note taking apps for Android. And you might be hard pressed to find the perfect app for taking notes. To keep you out of trouble, we've put together five of the best minimal note-taking apps for you. If you're looking for the best note-taking app, find out why Google Keep is […]

Top 5 Twitter Clients for Android To Try

The Twitter application on Android has been significantly improved in the last two years. However, if you are looking for a lightweight alternative, there are many Twitter clients for Android devices to try. These third-party Twitter clients offer much more flexibility and make it easier to use system resources. However, not all Twitter clients for […]

Top 8 Unique Android Apps You Must Try

There are many unique Android apps on the Google Play Store that not many people know. If you are looking for a unique application to consult, we are here to help you. We have selected a list of the best unique apps you need to view. The list does not contain any particular order. Therefore, […]

7 Apps to Limit and Monitor Phone Usage on Android

Most apps on our phones bombard us with notifications and make us unproductive. Fortunately, the Play Store contains excellent apps that limit and monitor the use of the phone on Android devices. These apps allow you to focus on your work and lead a happier and healthier life. Let's face it, we are all probably […]

10 Best Augmented Reality Apps for Android

With the launch of Google ARCore, augmented reality apps are moving towards Android devices. Augmented reality applications have not really taken off as well as expected. AR applications are not as popular as we would have expected a few years ago. However, this does not mean that augmented reality applications are not worth checking. There […]

8 Best Relaxing Sound Apps to Help You Sleep Better

Nowadays, it is difficult to escape from work and stress. And it is even more difficult to travel or to go to peaceful places to calm down. Fortunately, you can feel the soothing sounds directly on your smartphone with relaxing sound applications. There are dozens of apps on the Google Play Store that claim to […]

5 Best Live Streaming Apps for Gaming on Android

There are several applications to stream your game live on Android. However, if you are looking for the best of the best, your search should end here. We've put together the best live streaming apps for games on Android devices that you need to check if you want to stream your awesome gameplay. Each application […]

10 Best Instant Messaging Apps for Android

Dozens of instant messaging apps are available for Android. Most of these applications offer the same user experience with nothing to differentiate themselves. However, there are some apps that stand out from the crowd. Therefore, to make things easier for you, we've selected the top 10 instant messaging apps for Android currently available on the […]

6 Best Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android

Artificial Intelligence has not yet reached its full potential. However, just about every business in the technology sector is advancing in AI research. As a result, several applications powered by artificial intelligence are making their way onto our smartphones. Unfortunately, all these applications called artificial intelligence are not worth your time. You will find below […]

6 Best WhatsApp Sticker Makers for Android

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging platforms in the world. Now owned by Facebook, the app regularly receives updates and we see some cool features added. Last year, WhatsApp introduced the WhatsApp Stickers feature. And with that, we have a bunch of cool WhatsApp sticker creators to create or own custom stickers. […]

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