Is Shankhashubhra Ghosh a scammer?

Has someone named Shankhashubhra Ghosh, Ghosh Shankhashubhra, Shankhas Ghosh or Shank Ghosh ever approached you with a business proposal? If so, you should consider reading this article before proceeding. If you search online for Shankhashubhra Ghosh, you will likely come across several business profiles of a person based in India, who is the founder and […]

Best settings for dolphin emulator

Dolphin is probably one of the best known emulators ever created; it is recognized for its flexibility, its constant development over time and its high compatibility. Today, it is one of the most reliable and effective emulators for breaking the walls between different operating and gaming systems. Every big thing has a story, and as […]

Android 11 Brings Automatic Dark Mode Scheduling

In case you haven’t heard of it, the first preview of the Android 11 developer is out. Along with that, Google has also released a schedule for the development of Android 11. Most of the changes are not so noticeable as it is a very early version. This is historically the first release by Google […]

Android 11 Timeline: Everything you need to know

Well ahead of its schedule, Google today launched the first Developer Preview build of the latest Android iteration. In no case can this overview be used as a daily pilot. It may be unstable and will have many half-cooked or non-functional features. Well, this is completely understandable, given that this is only the first developer […]

Galaxy Z Flip Durability Test Unpacks Samsung’s Claims

When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Z Flip, it wanted people to know that the foldable screen was glass, not plastic. In later interviews, company officials spoke more about the ultra-thin glass screen. A few days later, the popular YouTuber Zach Nelson of JerryRigEverything fame exposed the intricacies of Samsung’s claims in a Galaxy Z Flip […]

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Launched Priced at $1,380

Besides launching the Galaxy S20 series at the Unpacked event, Samsung also launched the Galaxy Z Flip. The new foldable device from Samsung comes with a different design from the Galaxy Fold. It has a horizontal fold much like the Motorola Razr. However, unlike Motorola’s offering, the Galaxy Z Flip contains certain flagship specifications. Once […]

Google Assistant Ambient Mode Arriving On OnePlus Phones

OnePlus’ Oxygen operating system is widely regarded as the best Android experience in a world where Google’s Pixel smartphones exist. There are several reasons for this, including the material side of things. A very large part of this is also OnePlus’ approach to software. Oxygen OS is very open to Android, adopting new features and […]

WhatsApp Pay Rollout Gets One Step Closer In India

We have been discussing the dark mode of WhatsApp for quite some time now, considering how long it took the business to bring it to users. Another long-awaited feature of WhatsApp is the ability to make payments via WhatsApp. The new payment platform from Facebook is called WhatsApp Pay. He would have received a regulatory […]

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