Online Education’s Top Learning Tools

Online Education’s Top Learning Tools

The best online education learning tools

School districts around the world were brought online this week to avoid pandemic contagion. For most students, this involved listening to their teachers teach front-end on Zoom or another video conferencing platform, and then completing homework based on the information the teacher presented or assigned.

Some students, however, have found their 2020 school year to be as successful as winning the Large Vegas Online casino. These students studied with teachers who knew how to use a variety of Internet tools and resources to make their online learning more interesting, compelling, and enjoyable than ever. The material covered by the students was equal to or better than that presented in the Zoom e-learning sessions.

But through the use of innovative and creative online learning tools, students who attended more technologically advanced classrooms were more successful.

Whether you’re a teacher looking for ways to spice up your teaching model, a parent who participates in your child’s homeschooling, or a community member who wants to see local schools operate at a higher level, check out the top of the internet page. online learning tools.

Google docs

Google docs is a free set of tools from Google that allow students to create documents with text, images, comments, hyperlinks, quotes, audio, drawings, graphics, footnotes , links to video content, drawings, special symbols and characters, etc.

Everything is shareable, which means documents created by the teacher can be shared on student screens and students can create documents that they can share with their teacher and peers. The document can be set so that comments can be added by others, giving students a chance to receive feedback from teachers and peers.

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Google Spreadsheet

Google Spreadsheets works like Google Docs but instead of starting with a blank page everything is on a spreadsheet. All symbols, links, and audio and visual content that can be added to a document can be added to a spreadsheet but in a different format. For example, if you are new to Kenya, you can create a worksheet with all of the student names listed on the worksheet.

At the start of the lesson, each student can be asked to write something they already knew about Kenya. As all students write, all other students who have access to the worksheet can see their peers’ comments. Then, after presenting information, all the students can be asked to write down something interesting that they learned that day about Kenya, or something that they would like to learn about Kenya from. future, etc.

Google presentations

Google presentations offers all the elements of a PowerPoint, but with the added benefit of being online. This means that once again, anything you or your students create can be shared online. After the teacher has presented the material, they can create a Google presentation and prepare a blank slide for each student.

With the “shared” tool enabled, students can find their own pages and complete their homework – adding information they learned in class, learned through independent study, and so on. The teacher can ask the students to find textual information, pictures or videos to illustrate the information they have added.

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After all students have finished and the presentation has been “posted” to the web, students can comment on each individual’s pages and the teacher can add their own comments to the material that has been submitted.

Google Docs, spreadsheets, and presentations can be shared with parents so parents can be kept up to date with what is happening with their child’s education. The presentations can be uploaded into a PowerPoint presentation and then uploaded to YouTube to create an engaging YouTube video.


Instead of giving students a worksheet to do, you can create a Wizer worksheet that students can complete online.

Spreadsheets have been a feature of classrooms for many years, but teachers and students hate them. In general, worksheets, which teachers use to help students review material they’ve supposedly learned, are traditionally boring, static, and uninspired. The fastest students finish their worksheets before the slower students, which makes it difficult for teachers to keep the fastest students busy.

Wizer offers teachers the ability to give their students online spreadsheets that don’t just review material – students can express themselves in many ways, work on their own page, learn by working and have fun. The teacher sets up the worksheet with a variety of interactive media – questions, embedded videos, audio, images, and more.

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As the student goes through the worksheet, they can develop material they have already learned, introduce new material, and have fun along the way.

After students submit their work, the teacher can assess the responses, add written or recorded comments, and share the worksheets with the class.

There are a variety of task options on the worksheet which include multiple choice questions, open ended questions, correspondence activities, read text, draw activities, fill in blanks, fill in a table, watch a video, fill in a picture, sort tasks and follow a link.


the Quizlet Tool enables teachers to facilitate material review using the fun, interactive and engaging Quizlet platform. You can create a quiz on any kind of material, from biology and chemistry to calculus, history, geography and more. You can create your own quiz in class or use a quiz created by another teacher – quizzes are archived and available for others to use.

Playing games is as valuable a method of acquiring and reviewing material as any other. Through quizzes, students learn and retain information in an engaging learning atmosphere.

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