Our $ 1,000 Phones Deserve Better Cases

Our $ 1,000 phones deserve better cases

The phone cases have been the same for several years. There is very little innovation, unlike phones, which are getting sexier and more sophisticated.

Our $ 1,000 phones deserve better cases

Our $ 1,000 phones deserve better cases - Android Authority - OLTNEWS

Since the introduction of phones, manufacturers of phone cases have tried to capitalize on this market by offering protection and personalization. You buy a new phone, you buy a new case, the two go hand in hand, but when smartphones are slowly coming out of their proverbial cases; dusted off its boring black-and-white plastic from the early 2010s; and put on a new shiny, matte, metallic, glassy, ​​colorful or chic outfit; The sleeves were glued in the same shape.

Brands appear on the left and right, but ideas are immediately recycled: hardshell or softshell, plastic or leather or thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), black or transparent. Compared to smartphones, there is very little imagination to create cases, and there is a certain status quo that many brands seem to be happy with – I got to a point where I feel bad, almost a thousand dollars. for an expensive phone (like my newly acquired Pixel 6 Pro) only to take it with you in a case that doesn’t show off any of its fancy design elements.

Modern flagships deserve better cases made from thinner materials, with sleeker designs and more color options. And that’s even truer for Android flagships, as housing options are significantly more limited for them compared to their Apple counterparts.

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The case of the best cases

Every time Google, Samsung, Apple or any other smartphone maker showcases their latest flagship and the thousands of hours and possibly millions of dollars spent on developing and selecting the device have flowed. the best materials and colors to display it, I can’t help but back down knowing that most phones I buy are likely to be trapped in a mostly transparent or black stain. One that clearly wasn’t born out of the same passion or the same research.

There comes a time when you ask yourself, why bother? Why is Google, Apple, or some other company trying so hard? And why do we insist on buying the finest color options when most of us end up getting a case for our hundreds of dollars worth of investment so it doesn’t crack or shatter at the slightest drop? ?

Then there is the other side of the argument. Why can’t we have better cases? With so much money and effort to bring us beautiful smartphones, why can’t case makers go out of their way to give us a similar experience?

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More of the same
If you look at the housing market as a whole, there is very little innovation at the moment. He has his masks which can offer nice patterns and colors, but they fail badly in the protection department. I know I wouldn’t trust my clumsy hands to carry a phone if it was only wrapped in skin; I drop my phone twice a week so I don’t take any chances.

Then there are the hard cases, whatever their material (smooth plastic or covered with fabric, leather or wood), which are also pretty, but which also have difficulty absorbing and deflecting shocks. I saw phones around me with broken glass only to find that the person chose a hard case to “protect” their device.

The most protective material on the market, TPU, isn’t the sexiest to touch or look at. It’s a huge step up from the older generation of silicone sleeves, which attracted dust and lint like crazy, but still felt somehow. cheap and unnatural. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve only bought TPU cases for almost a decade, but I usually have to spend days researching them to find an option that is one step ahead of the rest.

Every year or two I decide to try a new transparent TPU case in the hope that it will be the perfect solution to showcase my phone while protecting it, but unfortunately it still attracts fingerprints and grease, always takes a yellowish tint. Over time and eventually the phone makes the phone look slimy and cheap, not more expensive.

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I also looked at Spigen, Caseology, Ringke, Otterbox, and many other well-known brands, but after purchasing the first Liquid Air or Vault case you realize they are all the same. exactly the same design in exactly the same colors – mostly black and… black. Or gray if you’re lucky. Some people will find comfort in this consistency; They buy the same case for all phones and know exactly what they are buying. I’m bored with it. I’m always on the lookout for a new design and new colors, otherwise I feel like I haven’t switched to a new cell phone.

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