Top 6 Ways to Fix Print Screen on Windows Not Working Error

Each keyboard, whether external or portable, comes with an abbreviated PrtScr print screen button. Press the print screen button to capture the entire screen which you can then paste into an application like Paint. This is one of the fastest ways to take a screenshot on Windows. For some users, the PrtScr key is not […]

4 Best Ways to Fix Windows 10 Not Taking Screenshots

Although there are around 8 different ways to take screenshots on a Windows computer, some users still find it difficult to do so. For many people, the screen capture shortcut commands do nothing. And when they do, the captured screenshots cannot be found. Does this happen to you too? Read this guide to find out […]

How to Stop Google Photos from Uploading Screenshots

Google Photos works like a gallery and a photo storage service. It offers two ways to upload photos. First, photos taken from the camera are added to it when backup is enabled. Second, you must allow backup of device folders, such as screenshots manually. But what if the screenshots are automatically uploaded to Google Photos? […]

7 Best Screen Recorder Apps for Windows 10

There can be many reasons why you want to record the screen on your Windows 10 computer. Whether you are a player or you are recording instructions for someone, you may want to keep a record of your video presentation or of your cat. Instead of taking a series of screenshots, you need a reliable […]

3 Easy Tricks to Convert a PNG Screenshot to JPG in Windows 10

If you often take screenshots on your PC, you will agree that this is really a nice feature. Press the Windows & Print Screen (PrtSc) buttons on your keyboard to save an image of your current screen to your computer. However, Windows automatically saves screenshots in the default PNG format. So, how would you convert […]

How to Save a Screenshot as PDF in Windows 10

Taking a screenshot on a Windows 10 computer is quite easy. There are several smart methods for capturing screenshots. The image format of a screen capture can also be easily modified (for example, from PNG to JPG, and vice versa). Converting a screen capture to PDF can be a bit tricky, especially when you do […]

How to Take a Screenshot on HP Pavilion x360

When using the HP convertible x360 tablet mode in the true sense of the term, we do not have access to the physical keyboard. So, to take screenshots without the keyboard on the HP Pavilion x360, you need a software or a touch button. We are happy to say that Microsoft has grouped several options […]

Top 4 Amazing Tools to Capture Scrolling Screenshots on macOS

Capturing a long web page or document is a challenge. A screenshot will only take one photo of the display area of ​​your screen. This is why scrolling screen captures intervene to save time and energy. Of course, even if I do not like to take several snapshots of the screen to assemble them. The […]

Snip & Sketch vs Snagit: Which Is the Best Screenshot Tool for Windows 10

One of the easiest ways to take a screenshot in Windows 10 is to use the Windows keyboard shortcut + Print Screen. However, if you want to annotate the screen capture or possibly crop a specific part, you must rely on a separate tool. Fortunately, the Windows 10 October 2020 update introduced Snip & Sketch, […]

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