Spotmau 2010 Review – Fix Any Windows Error With Spotmau 2010 Powersuite


If you have been using computers for sometime, then you understand that even computers – that phenomenon of present times – can also go through difficulties and even fail once in a while. No matter its complexity, it is still a machine and thus it can fail same as people. A collide is something really bothersome, so that you will believe you require something that will fix any collide quite fast, if not prevent it from occurring for all time.

So, don’t worry at all: Spotmau Power Suite 2010 is here. It is the most preferable, all-in-one repair kit for your Windows operating systems (as well as others). It can boot up your crashed computer, then allow you to operate retrieval tools to at least bring the machine back to normal operation, and perhaps even improved. It can recover deleted, damaged or formatted data in the hard disk, storage cards or USB drives, performing maintenance where required. Best of all, it does not even damage your Windows system so you are back on an even enhanced system very quickly.

The capabilities of Spotmau PowerSuite 2010

It can:
1. Boot up a failed system and restore data in all its nooks and crannies
2. Fix faults and recover lost files
3. Recover forgotten and lost passwords, or lost and difficult-to-find product keys
4. Optimize the computer’s registry, hard disk and performance
5. Enhance start-up and networking speeds
6. Eliminate unnecessary toolbars and pop-ups
7. Remove idle and unnecessary programs
8. Reprogram your start-up menu
9. Personalize the options for right-clicking
10. Partition or reformat your hard drive as you wish
11. Back up or even copy the whole system
12. With one stroke record notes or hide active windows
13. Automatically adjust the background so it won’t be boring
14. Encode and decode files
15. Delete or wipe clean the entire disk
16. Create a special hidden space that does not show up in the directory for your really secret files
17. Lock program so they cannot be used by others

In addition, technical support is 24/7 free for a year, obtainable either online or via the telephone, whichever is more suitable to you.

Maybe the most significant thing is that PowerSuite2010 is quite easy to use even newbies in technogeekdom will love it. Navigation is virtually instinctual and quite direct, the interfacing is ordered and simple, tabs and icons simplify its use very much. Many components make up the package, but they network so seamlessly you may start to believe it is one large program instead of numerous.

The two main divisions of Spotmau 2010 are BootCare and WinCare. BootCare contains the essential utilities to be used for refreshing and recovering a failed system, while WinCare is for making the computer run optimally. Just restart the computer with the CD, and you will be guided on what to do step by step in recovering data whether deleted, formatted over or corrupt. This will bring you on the way of repairing problems as much as can be done.

Go purchase and download your program, make a copy or two in discs for ‘just in case’, and stay certain of total recovery even if your computer crashes. It can be your computer’s life saver.

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