How to Reset Task Manager to Default in Windows 10

Windows Task Manager is a powerful tool used to provide information about the program and the processes running on your computer. You may have noticed that the first time you open Task Manager, it appears in less detail. Over time, there would have been many changes to improve and personalize the work experience. However, if […]

Windows Task Manager Tips and Tricks you may not be aware of

Task Manager is the most important program you will have access to when everything else has crashed or is unresponsive. The message lists some of the best tips and tricks in Windows Task Manager. I am sure it will be helpful. Most of these tips and tricks have been published by Dave Plummer, on Reddit […]

How to Get Apple Reminders on Windows

Apple is notorious for keeping its users in a closed ecosystem. Apple services work perfectly between their devices, but when it comes to adding support for competing platforms, the overall experience isn’t as smooth as the combination of iOS and macOS. Most Apple applications such as reminders, photos, mail and notes are run equally with […]

GPU process memory counters report incorrect values in Windows 10

In today’s post, we will explore the symptoms, reproduce the problem, and then provide the possible mitigation of the problem where GPU process memory counters are reporting incorrect values ​​in Windows 10. GPU process memory counters report incorrect values The graphics processing unit (GPU) processing memory counters appear to display memory leaks for applications running […]

6 Best Google Sheets Templates for Project Management

Many Google Sheets users also use it for project management. The fact that it integrates with other Google apps like Docs, Slides, and Forms alone makes it a good project management alternative. Google Sheets templates for project management will make it easier and faster. There are sample sheets and documents for a variety of occupations […]

How to generate and print the list of running Processes in Windows Task Manager

The Windows Task Manager displays a list of processes running on your computer, as well as their use of resources and other important details. If you want to generate and print the list of running processes in your Task Manager under Windows 10, here's how. Generate a list of processes running in the task manager […]

Top 11 Notion Tips and Tricks to Use It Like A Pro

Notion, a modular productivity solution, has made waves as a Swiss Army Knife software for startups. The company's unique vision of organizing life and taking notes has earned them many fans in a short time. The Notion takes a minimalist approach in all areas. Unlike other applications, it will not throw all possible functions to […]

Pin Task Manager to Taskbar or Start Menu; Minimize Taskbar to System Tray

The Task Manager is a built-in Windows program that allows you to track the progress of ongoing processes, CPU, memory and other resources. It also offers you to remove programs from Windows startup. Some business users would like quick access to the task manager. In this article, we will explain how to pin the task […]

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