Top 7 OneNote Notebook Tips and Tricks

Microsoft OneNote is an experienced note-taking application available through the Office productivity suite. With the changing times, it is good to see Microsoft adopt and improve OneNote with more features and cross-platform availability. The point of sale for OneNote users has been its unique approach to organizing notes. Unlike competitors like Evernote and Bear Notes, […]

21 Best Workona Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Like most Internet users, I usually keep several tabs open in my browser. It becomes difficult to manage them, especially when I am researching something and I will need these tabs in the future. Google hasn’t updated the native bookmark functionality in Chrome for ages. This is where Workona, an extension of the tag manager, […]

5 Microsoft Defender Tips and Tricks to Get Started

Microsoft has renamed Windows Defender to Microsoft Defender with the Windows 10 update for November 2019. It is now part of Windows Security. Microsoft Defender (formerly Windows Defender) has improved by leaps and bounds in recent years with lower false positives, better usability, and better performance in detecting malware and viruses. This is why I […]

Top 13 Facebook Messenger Rooms Tips and Tricks 

If you were not satisfied with the existing offers related to group video calls, the universe has manifested another. This time it’s on Facebook. You may be wondering – didn’t they already have group video calls? Well yes. But, now you get a slightly advanced and interoperable version of group video calling – Messenger Rooms. […]

9 Best Google Meet Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Another video conferencing application that tries to build on the success of Zoom is Google Meet. It’s always exciting to explore a new product and makes everyone wonder what it has to offer. This article will cover the best Google Meet tips and tricks for those just starting out. It should be noted that Google […]

Top 21 Useful Google Chrome Tab Tips and Tricks You Might Not Know

Tabs are the heart and soul of any browser. Imagine a browser that could only open one tab at a time. Nobody would want to live this terrible experience. But having the ability to open multiple tabs also leads to confusion and disorganization. This is why you should know how to organize the tabs. In […]

How to Disable the Reachability Gesture on iPhone

Accessibility helps on iPhones with large screens. But it is also a major annoyance. I always end up triggering this damn gesture accidentally when switching applications on new iPhones. And I bet I’m not the only one. Of course, you will also want to disable the accessibility gesture on your iPhone. If you’re sick and […]

13 Helpful Zoom Video Settings That You Might Not Know

Zoom has taken the world by storm. People love using Zoom for official video calls because of its easy-to-use interface and incredible features. However, not everyone is aware of all the features offered and might consider using a simple application like Google Duo on Zoom. Well, no need to rush. We’ll share some useful Zoom […]

10 Best Google Chrome for iOS Privacy Tips

Google Chrome works like a charm on the iPhone. It is solid in terms of performance. It sports a superb custom user interface for one-handed navigation. It synchronizes data between devices seamlessly. Yet the name of Google often persists around serious privacy concerns. Compared to other browsers, Chrome also doesn’t have any major privacy-related features. […]

Top 11 Samsung One UI Home Launcher Tips and Tricks

When we think of pre-installed Android launchers, the lack of customization options bothers us. But this is not the case with the Samsung One UI launcher. It offers incredible functionality. What are these features? Let’s see in this article where we dive deep into the tips and tricks of the Samsung One UI Home launcher. […]

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