Top 10 Ways to Fix Google Assistant Routines Not Working Issue

Top 10 Ways to Fix Google Assistant Routines Not Working Issue

The Google Assistant continues to improve day by day through annual updates. Today, it works with several intelligent speakers powered by artificial intelligence to control smart home appliances. You can also control lighting, fans, thermostats and other smart devices. Routines are a nice feature, but for some users, Google Assistant routines do not work.

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This is annoying because it automates and executes many tasks with a single simple command. I use it daily for weather reports, calendar entries and to listen to my favorite podcast of information. So I can understand how frustrating it would be for you when routines stop working randomly.

Let's see how to solve the problem of non-functioning Google Assistant routines.

1. Restart the phone

Restart your phone to see if it helps you. Restarting smartphones can solve several application-related issues, and Google Assistant is no exception.

2. Update of the operating system and the application

Open Settings and tap System Updates under About Phone.

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Check if an update is available for your operating system version. It can help solve many bugs and offer security and privacy features.

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If Google Assistant was preinstalled on your phone, it would update automatically. Otherise, you can download the update from the Play Store.

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Open the Play Store and check if an update is available. Just search the name of the application.

Here is the list of system requirements recommended by Google before you can download and run Google Assistant.

  • Android 5.0 Lollipop with 1 GB of memory or 6.0 Marshmallow with 1.5 GB of memory
  • Google app v6.13 or higher
  • Google Play Services
  • Screen resolution of at least 720p

Take this opportunity to update the Google app and Google Play services.

3. Remove other AI apps

If you are running another application for assistant using the AI, uninstall it. It's time to choose. This can often cause conflicts with every application that tries to control the settings and other aspects of your phone. Cortana from Microsoft and Alexa from Amazon are some popular examples.

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4. Type the command

Here is a simple trick that works for multiple users. Instead of telling the command to execute a routine, type it. Open the Google Assistant and wait a few moments to see the keyboard option. Tap on it to type the command.

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Google Assistant improves as you use it and learns from the experience to better understand your voice and your ascent. You will need to use voice commands and enter some to speed up the process.

Pronounce your commands in a clear voice. The wizard may not be able to understand your voice commands. Fortunately, there is a way to check all the voice commands you have given recently.

5. Disable digital well-being

Digital Wellbeing is Google's answer to Apple's Screen Time. James M., product expert at Google, notes that the Filter and Shutdown option can interfere with the operation of Google Assistant routines. Disable Digital Wellbeing and try again to run the routine in question. If it works, you will have to completely stop using this application or uninstall it. You can send comments to help Google solve this problem faster.

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6. Use a language

If you use Google Assistant in your native language or if you have installed more than two languages, that may be the problem. Also, using one language for your smartphone and another for Google Assistant is a bad idea.

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Depending on the device (phone, speaker, display, etc.) on which you use Google Assistant, you can easily change the default language. From my personal experience, Google Assistant works best in English. Although there is support for other languages, some commands are successes or failures.

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