Top 11 Ways to Fix Samsung Phones Not Receiving Text Messages

Top 11 Ways to Fix Samsung Phones Not Receiving Text Messages

Samsung Galaxy phones contain a dedicated Messages app. While this works great, there are times when you often wait for verification or OTP codes to complete a transaction or log into a service. Of course, you would have no idea with the other Samsung phone users who are facing the problem where they cannot receive messages. In this article, we will tell you eleven fixes to fix the problem.

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Samsung phone is not receiving messages.

Solutions for Samsung phones not receiving messages range from checking cellular networks to resetting app preferences. We have also covered iMessage related issues in Samsung phones.

Let’s check the solutions in detail.

1. Restart the phone

You need to start the troubleshooting process by restarting your phone. So stop whatever you are doing on your phone and restart your Galaxy phone.

Restart the device

2. Check the cellular network

Next, make sure your phone has a working cellular network. To do this, check if you can make or receive calls. Likewise, try to send an SMS from your phone. If all is well, check the other fixes. However, if you can’t call / text, you need to check your cell plan and network first. We suggest you call your service provider.

Point: If you don’t receive an MMS, check if you have a data balance linked to your mobile number.

3. Remove the SIM card

It’s an age-old thing that you should definitely try. Basically, remove the SIM card from its slot. Clean it with a microfiber cloth and isopropyl alcohol solution. Then reinsert it. Otherwise, if you have a dual SIM Samsung phone, try the SIM card in another slot. This should rule out issues with the SIM slot.

Another similar solution is to insert the SIM card into another Android phone. Wait for your cellular service provider to configure the SIM card. Then remove the SIM card and place it in the original phone.

4. Clear the cache of the messaging app

You should also try to clear the cache of the Samsung Messages app. Don’t worry about not deleting any of your messages or other personal files on your phone.

To clear the cache of Samsung messages, open the settings on your phone and go to Apps. Tap Messages followed by Storage.

Samsung phone is not receiving Fix 1 messages

Samsung phone is not receiving Fix 2 messages

Finally, click on the Clear Cache button. Restart your phone.

Samsung phone is not receiving Fix 3 messages

Point: You can also use the Clear Data button. Usually, this will not delete your messages. However, we always suggest that you save your posts before trying it out. Find out in detail what happens when erasing data from Android apps.

5. Check blocked contacts

If you don’t receive messages on your Samsung phone from just one or two contacts, you need to check the blocked list. You may have accidentally blocked them.

To check this, open the Samsung Messages app on your phone. Tap the three-dot icon at the top and select Settings.

Samsung phone is not receiving Fix 4 messages

Samsung phone is not receiving Fix 5 messages

Tap Block numbers and messages, then tap Block numbers.

Samsung phone is not receiving Fix 6 messages

Samsung phone is not receiving Fix 7 messages

Here you will find a list of blocked contacts. Tap the delete icon next to the number you want to unblock.

Samsung phone is not receiving Fix 8 messages

Point: You can also consult the list of blocked numbers from the Phone application. In the Phone app, tap the three dots icon. Go to Settings> Block numbers.

6. Incompatibility with iMessage

In case an iPhone user tries to send you an iMessage on your Samsung phone, they will not be able to send it and you will not receive it. It is because Samsung phones do not support iMessage. It is a service that only works between Apple devices. So iPhone users will need to send normal SMS to your Samsung phone.

Point: Did you know that Android has its own iMessage-like service? Learn more about RCS on Android.

7. Unsubscribe from iMessage

If you recently switched from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy phone, you might have forgotten to turn off iMessage. This could be the reason why you are not receiving SMS on your Samsung phone especially from iPhone users.

Basically your number is still linked to iMessage. So other iPhone users would send iMessage to you. As mentioned above, Samsung phones do not support iMessage. It is recommended to turn off iMessage before switching to Android phone.

Do not worry. You can always unsubscribe iMessage. If you have your iPhone handy, reinsert your SIM card into the iPhone. Then go to Settings> Messages. Turn off the switch next to iMessage. You can also unsubscribe from the official Apple website without your iPhone.

Samsung phone is not receiving Fix 9 messages

Samsung phone is not receiving Fix 10 messages

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8. Free storage

With limited internal memory, your Samsung phone may not receive messages. You can check the available storage in Settings> Device care> Storage. To free up storage space, you need to delete old messages from your inbox. Also check other ways to increase internal memory on Samsung phones.

Samsung phone is not receiving Fix 13 messages

9. Third-party messaging apps

Are you using a different messaging app than Samsung Messages? We suggest you make Samsung Messages the default app to see if you can receive messages.

If Samsung Messages is your default app, download a third-party messaging app. You can try the Android Messages app from Google. Make it the default messaging app. Check out our comparison of Samsung messages and Android messages.

10. Check Safe Mode

Many times the problem of not receiving messages can also arise due to third party application. To figure it out, you will need to put your device in Safe Mode. To do this, press the power button. Then press and hold the Power off icon followed by the Safe Mode icon.

Putting your device in safe mode will not delete your data. However, third-party apps will not work in safe mode. So you can check if your device can receive messages in safe mode. If you can receive messages, a third-party app is causing the problem. Check recently installed third-party apps and uninstall the one you find shady. To get out of safe mode, simply restart your phone.

11. Reset application preferences

Finally, if nothing works, you should try resetting the app preferences. This will restore most of the settings like app permissions, default apps etc. to their default values. You will have to adjust them again. Your personal data or files will not be impacted. Find out in detail what is happening by resetting the app preferences.

To reset app preferences on Samsung phones, go to Settings> Apps. Tap the three-dot icon at the top and select Reset app preferences.

Samsung phone is not receiving Fix 11 messages

Samsung phone is not receiving Fix 12 messages

Old messages, you there

We hope the above fixes would have fixed your issue. You should be able to receive new messages on your Samsung phone. However, once the issue is resolved, you will not receive old messages previously sent.


Once everything is working fine with messages on your Samsung phone, check out six tips related to the Samsung Messages app from the following link.

Last updated on Dec 12, 2020

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