Top 11 Ways to Fix WhatsApp Video Call Not Working on iPhone and Android

WhatsApp started as an instant messaging app and included features such as voice calls, video calls, stickers, WhatsApp Web, end-to-end encryption, etc., over time. Among the latest reports, WhatsApp Payments (India) will debut in a month or two. However, the rising frenzy of video calling has put WhatsApp users in confusion. While many people are trying out new video calling options, many complain that WhatsApp video calling doesn’t work on iPhone or Android.


To meet growing demand, the Facebook-owned company recently increased the membership limit from four (4) to eight (8) for group video calls. It would have easily led people to make more WhatsApp video calls with friends, family and other people. However, there are several reasons why video calls fail randomly. To get started, the WhatsApp app requires permissions on the microphone and camera for video calls to work properly. And that’s one of the things to check.

In this article, we have tried to cover all the possibilities that lead to the failure of WhatsApp video calls with solutions. Let’s see them.

1. Update WhatsApp

WhatsApp frequently updates its application on iOS and Android. Video calling issues can arise due to an old version of WhatsApp on your phone. Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and update the WhatsApp app to the latest version. WhatsApp Beta channel users on Android and iOS should update the respective versions of WhatsApp to the latest versions, which include several bug fixes and performance improvements.

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2. Use a solid network connection

Video calls require a stable network connection to function properly. In addition, they consume more data than WhatsApp voice calls. So make sure your phone is connected to a stronger network and that your phone has enough bars for the cellular network power. For those with a dual band router, you need to check if your phone supports the 5 GHz Wi-Fi band. And if so, connect the phone to the 5 GHz band of your Wi-Fi network.

3. Authorize the necessary authorizations on WhatsApp

As previously stated, WhatsApp requires microphone and camera permissions to make video calls successfully. You may have denied these permissions when you first configured the application. This could be the reason why audio and video might not work as expected. Check your phone settings and grant the necessary permissions to the app.

For iphone

Open the Device Settings app, scroll down until you see WhatsApp and open it. This will open the “Allow WhatsApp to Access” window. Make sure the Microphone and Camera options are enabled.

WhatsApp ios settings

Ios camera and microphone

For Android

On Android, there are two ways to open the authorization manager. You can open the Device Settings app and go to Apps & notifications> View all apps> and go to WhatsApp.

Alternatively, you can long press the WhatsApp app icon and select the info option from the context menu that deploys. This will take you directly to the application’s information menu. There, select the Permission menu and activate the permissions for the camera and microphone.

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Android authorization menu

Android authorization

4. Check content and privacy restrictions (iPhone)

Normally, content and privacy restrictions are disabled by default. You can ignore this solution if you have not activated screen time on your iPhone.

If you’ve enabled screen time and enabled content and privacy restrictions, you’ll need to check if you’ve allowed the WhatsApp app to access the microphone.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on the iPhone.

2nd step: Navigate to Screen Time> Content & Privacy Restrictions and make sure that installed apps are allowed to access the microphone.

Screen time


5. Authorize WhatsApp to use mobile data (iPhone)

iOS allows you to restrict the use of mobile data for certain applications from the settings menu. If the option is enabled for the WhatsApp app, you may not be able to make or receive video calls easily.

Mobile data ios

Open the iPhone Settings app and scroll down to WhatsApp. In the next menu, slide the switch next to Mobile data to activate it.

10. Clear the cache (Android)

Clearing the cache for WhatsApp will not spoil any personal data; it will only delete temporary files. To clear the cache, long press the WhatsApp app icon and open App Info. Go to Storage and cache, then clear the cache.

Clear the cache

11. Restart the phone and reinstall WhatsApp

Restarting Android or iPhone often solves some problems. You can restart your Android or iPhone and check if the WhatsApp video call is working or not. Otherwise, make a backup of your current WhatsApp data and try to reinstall the app.

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Make WhatsApp Video Calls Again

WhatsApp video calls may not be feature-rich, but they are certainly popular because more than 2 billion people use WhatsApp. While the app is fairly straightforward to use, it’s the deeper settings and permissions that could keep you from enjoying a video calling session. If you found another solution, share it with us in the comments below.


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Last updated on May 15, 2020

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