Top 12 Ways to Fix Improve Location Accuracy Pop-Up in Android

Navigation apps are a boon to travelers. It tells you the way to go, no matter where you are. Some users suffer from the "Improve Location Accuracy?" Pop-up window for several days. In addition, pressing the chord button does not help in this situation.

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This makes it difficult to use the GPS function and can also be annoying. How many times do you have to give the same permission? Let's see how to quickly fix this Android display error.

1. Turn off and turn on GPS and mobile data

This trick can sometimes work like a charm. Open the notification center to search for mobile data and GPS toggle buttons. Press both to turn it off, wait a few seconds before turning it back on.

2. Update the Android operating system

Open Settings and tap About Phone, and then tap System Update.

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You should be able to see all the new updates available there. Things may vary depending on your OEM and your UI.

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This is a fairly standard step at GT. Restart your phone after the update is complete and check again if you still see the Improve Locating Accuracy pop-up.

3. Conflict of application

It is perfectly correct to install and use several navigation applications such as Google Maps, Waze, etc. Sometimes they can cause conflicts that lead to mistakes like the one you encounter. Check if uninstalling all but one browser application helps you.

4. Signal and cell tower

Do you receive a decent signal on your smartphone? The use of navigation applications also requires a strong signal. Download the OpenSignal application. You can check the network coverage of several telecom operators around the world. By using this information on a map, you can check where the nearest cell tower is, if you get enough signal, the quality of the connection, and so on. You can also test the speed of bandwidth and latency for mobile and Wi-Fi networks.

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Another useful application is Coverage, which will create a personal map of all points where you receive good and bad signals. This is useful when you are in a hurry and want to know the area or the nearest place where you can drive to get a better signal.

9. Google Play Services

Several apps rely on Google Play services to run on your Android smartphone. Repeat the steps above and this time clear the Google Play services cache and data.

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Now, press Force to stop and restart your phone after about 10 minutes. Now turn on the GPS, and you will see several pop-ups of different apps requesting access to the location. Tap a pop-up window to update the Play Services app and turn it on. You will also see the Improve Location Accuracy pop-up from all pop-ups. Be sure to tap the Accept option.

Note: If you can not stop reading services, or if the option is dimmed, turn off Find My Phone or any other lost device / feature that you may be using.

10. Uninstall App

If erasing old data does not help, reinstall the browser application from the Play Store. The reason I recommend uninstalling an application after erasing data from the cache is that the installation is clean. Otherwise, the application will reuse old data on your smartphone during reinstallation.

11. Try another map application

When you uninstall a map application, it is also time to try another application. Although I understand why so many of us love and use Google Maps, there are several alternatives, some of which are pretty solid. This could help you get rid of the Improve Locating Accuracy pop-up on your phone.

12. Reset

If you have succeeded so far, you have no choice. Make a backup and check it before continuing with the reset option. That's either it, or you stop using the GPS on your phone.

Show me the way

Pop-up ads are annoying, especially when you're about to click on something, and the popup pops up. And you end up typing the wrong button. It's worse. I hope that one or more of these steps will come in handy. If you have found another way to resolve this error, let us know in the comments below. This could help our readers.

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