Top 4 Ways to Fix Netflix T1 Error on Windows 10

Top 4 Ways to Fix Netflix T1 Error on Windows 10

Picture this: You just launched the Netflix app on your Windows 10 computer to watch a new episode of your favorite show. In a surprising turn of events, you are faced with a black screen with an error message that says “Sorry, there was a problem communicating with Netflix” and an error code T1 has occurred. What does this error mean? How can you get it out of your screen? Of course, you would like to know the answers and we will help you fix Netflix error T1 in this article.

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There are several Netflix error codes, each with an assigned meaning or reason, causal factor (s), and solution (s). As for the T1 error, Netflix says, “Hey! There’s a network connectivity issue somewhere. Fix it or you won’t be able to use Netflix.”

While the issue is mostly network related, there are other device and app specific bottlenecks that trigger this error.

If your computer is unable to establish a connection with the Netflix server through the Windows app, try accessing the service on a browser. If Netflix is ​​not working on the browser, the problem may be with the end of Netflix. Maybe the Netflix server is offline (check the status of the Netflix server on DownDetector). But if Netflix is ​​running on the browser, there might be something wrong with the app. Update Netflix from the Microsoft Store and try again.

Let’s take a look at some other possible solutions to the Netflix T1 error.

1. Troubleshoot the Internet connection

Disable VPN and Proxy

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If apps other than Netflix can access the internet on your PC, turn off any VPN or proxy connections and try again.

Netflix is ​​strongly against the use of virtual private networks (VPNs), proxies, or other network blockers to bypass geo-restriction of content. And it has improved its technology to detect when users are using such tools on the platform. So if Netflix finds out that you are using a VPN or other network modification tools that it bans, it blocks access to its content and servers. Hence, the T1 error on your screen.

Go to Settings> Network & Internet> VPN or Settings> Network & Internet> Proxy to disable any manual or automatic VPN and proxy configuration on your computer, respectively. You can also turn off proxies and VPNs from their dedicated apps.

Check internet source

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You may also encounter the T1 error on the Netflix app if your internet connection is bad. To get started, restart your router or increase its Wi-Fi signal. Resetting your router can also help. If the connection remains slow or unavailable, check with your Internet service provider that you have an active Internet plan.

Troubleshoot Windows Network Settings

If you have tried all of the above mentioned, but the error persists, performing a network reset on your Windows computer may help. This will delete your PC’s network configurations (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, VPN, etc.) and restore them to factory default settings.

Before resetting your PC’s network settings, we recommend that you review the other solutions listed below. If nothing solves the problem, proceed with resetting your device’s network settings.

2. Check the date and time settings

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Incorrect date and time settings can also prevent your Windows computer from connecting to the Netflix server. Make sure your PC is configured to automatically update its date and time settings.

Step 1: Launch the Windows Settings menu and select “Time & Language”.

Fix Netflix T1 Windows 10 Error

2nd step: In the “Date and time” section, make sure that “Set time automatically” and “Set time zone automatically” are both turned on.

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You should also try to synchronize your PC clock with the Windows time server. To do this, scroll down to the bottom of the “Date & Time” menu and click the Synchronize Now button.

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3. Restart the computer

Are you still getting T1 error message with the Netflix app? Shut down your computer and turn it back on. This will refresh your PC and possibly eliminate any system and network related issues causing Netflix to malfunction. If this also turns out to be aborted, it’s time to try more drastic troubleshooting measures.

4. Reinstall Netflix

You will need to download the app again and re-enter your account credentials, but you can definitely try reinstalling Netflix. Go to Settings> Apps and click on Netflix in the “ Apps & Features ” section. Then click on the Uninstall button to remove the Netflix app from your computer.

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Towards an error-free Netflix

You must have felt that these recommended solutions above may seem like a lot of work (it actually is – especially troubleshooting your internet). We are confident that at least one of the fixes should resolve the error. When you’ve finally fixed the error, you can check out our compilation of popular and classic thrillers on Netflix. We bet you’ll find something interesting to watch. Additionally, drop a comment in the section below if you found an alternative solution or need further assistance regarding the error.


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Last updated on Dec 6, 2020

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